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Did we have a good time last night? I asked Damian, over lunch. I really can't remember. Yes, he said. The last band, they were great.

He's right. They were called The Zutons and while they started off a bit rock and roll for my taste, the music was soon crawling off in every which direction; america-fetishist alt-country (especially amusing when the lead singer started speaking and his accent crawled back home to London), complex rhythm games (the drummer also had a good hat) and some big, big old riffs. When all the local 15-year-olds started head-banging to the saxophone solo, that was a really magical moment. They finished up with a massive wall'o'sound piece well calculated to please an Oxford audience (though they probably didn't know that). Also; melodian and sax, who knew they'd sound so good together? Ran into an old colleague I hadn't known especially well at the bar; apparently he's had two children since he last saw me. Esprit de l'escalier strikes -- "Well, congratulations on your fertility." I'll probably buy the CD.

Also: I want intelligent windows.


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15th Jan, 2004 09:24 (UTC)
They were the pick of the week on Rather Good Videos last night, and
I liked them.
15th Jan, 2004 10:06 (UTC)
more details
The guitarists had big mops of curly hobbit hair, and the Saxaphonist took off her little red shoes and performed in her socks.
16th Jan, 2004 11:02 (UTC)
In the pub last friday night someone talked me into going to see the zutons, and I was going to blag into it to review for www.oxfordbands.com. I could have done it as well, but by the start of the week I couldn't be bothered. Serve me right. I should have known the gig would be brilliant.
20th Jan, 2004 03:24 (UTC)
Re: Bollocks.
... well, the other two bands didn't set off my synaesthesia, if you know what I mean.
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