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I ducked out of our regular night of pub confusion by going to a gig instead; Kimya Dawson in the Cellar, supporting Herman Dune. Early, in case they had a second support, which they did; the lead singer of latest Oxford-band-with-a-very-long-name The Epstein-Barr Experiment. Apparently with his band he's a lot louder, but on his own, he was pretty much a male KTB. Except more repetitive. Whatever happened to lyrics? I have nothing against repition, but if you're going to repeat yourself, a lot, you'd better pick a perfect line, not just some yeah-yeah-oh w/strummy stuff.

Still, the bar was a good place to be; tall Oxford boys with faces like antique sculpture, pretty girls actually wearing those 80s retro fashions that look like someone got creative with a primitive duvet cover, chatty out-of-towners just passing through (for a night, a weekend, seven years), rosy-cheeked boys trying to decide if they're gay, slump-mouthed trollops in embroidered halter-tops. I felt more alien than ever despite my Kimya Badge, and Gareth Jeremy Dennis!-ing me, and gossiping with Roz (in a band) about people (in other bands) I don't know. Green hair or no, now more than ever it seems stupid to be living here, and not just passing through, like everyone else; just a stopping place, not a staying place. Kimya's good for alienation, though, and family woes and drinking too much beer and wondering if anyone really likes you at all really. She's almost all lyrics. Lyrics and hair. The beer was half-price, so I bought a CD to play when everything's just not fair.

The cellar runs late so it was after closing time before Herman Dune came on. The sound seemed rather loud, so I kept edging backwards, eventually ending up wedged against the soundbooth with the band blasting in one ear and more musico gossip blabbing in the other. Though that did have the side benefit of putting me far enough back far enough to avoid Dune's bold anti-glamour statement (scowl, beard, back-hair) I was still feeling beaten round the head, and three songs in I started yawning and couldn't stop, so walked home, playing something a bit softer on the ears.

Back home, Damian showed me the second episode of new Angel, which seems to have turned into some unholy fusion of Sex in the McLA Law and slash fiction.

Interior, dark, ANGEL's room. ANGEL blunders in, takes off his shirt and slides into bed.
Spike: Well, this is nice.
ANGEL jerks upright.
Angel: Look, I know you're haunting me, but let's make one thing absolutely clear. This room -- my room -- is off limits!
Spike: Relax, I'm, not here to talk.
No dear, of course you aren't. [ ... ]


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21st Jan, 2004 10:22 (UTC)
two things:

1) we saw kimya dawson in detroit recently. she was great! allison bought a t-shirt. glad she's getting around.

2) the colourfield song is one of my happy faves!

21st Jan, 2004 14:46 (UTC)
... choke!
... someone else remembers The Colourfield. Wow.

Kimya was lovely. Again. She seems to be all over the place at the moment!
21st Jan, 2004 11:02 (UTC)
I'm his date.
That is my favourite episode of the new series (I have seen the first nine) (though Niall and therefore received fan wisdom will have it as the worst)...though you will prefer the one involving mexican wrestlers.

21st Jan, 2004 11:46 (UTC)
Re: I'm his date.
Oh God, really? Mexican wrestlers? Yes!
21st Jan, 2004 14:40 (UTC)
Cracks about Angel's sexuality: 9. Smouldering glances: 6. Threatened penetration: 1 (extreme). Actual pentetration: 1 (intangible). Moments of anguished masculine cameraderie: 2. Hairstyles: improving. Wesley: fifth wheel. V. good.
21st Jan, 2004 14:42 (UTC)
mexican wrestlers yay!
... I saw the mexican wrestler mailboy and hoped for future lucha mayhem. Huzzah!
22nd Jan, 2004 01:29 (UTC)
Re: I'm his date.
(though Niall and therefore received fan wisdom will have it as the worst)

I think you flatter me way too much! Yeah, I loathe this one, but plenty of people love it. Based on the usenet population, by and large the american fanbase liked it a lot more than the uk fanbase.

mexican wrestlers.

Now, that is a good episode. Hermanos! To me! :-D
22nd Jan, 2004 02:35 (UTC)
I was quite pleased to see the necromancer/vampire issue addressed
... but the plot was shoddy, and all the suspense depended upon conversations between Spike and Angel to which we were not privy.

The effect of unobserved conversations is often to push things slashwards, I find; after all, if we're not seeing plot-points, what else aren't we seeing?
22nd Jan, 2004 17:09 (UTC)
Gareth is now Joan, by the way.
23rd Jan, 2004 03:28 (UTC)
since Tuesday? Heavens.
24th Jan, 2004 07:29 (UTC)
Re: what,
Er, noooo. This was a little while ago. But I think it's OK to use either name for the time being...
1st Mar, 2004 13:12 (UTC)
Kimya has a journal at kimya_dawson_
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