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is ur small pea ness making you sad?

Spam offers an end to small vegetable misery. That's just what I like to find in my inbox in the morning.
My Aunt Lil has just died
Real men prefer it fried
the ducks are frozen in the pond
and so my mind goes round and and round.
... and so, I guess there will be another family get-together, funeral again. Hiiiiiiiih.

I'd rather go to a wedding on Mars, but I don't think 2004 is going to be a year of many weddings.


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22nd Jan, 2004 12:16 (UTC)
Nice links...
But I have to ask: are they feeding the children to the swans?
23rd Jan, 2004 02:24 (UTC)
it's one of the big kiddy attractions down Dorset way
... take your kids to Abbotsbury swannery so they appreciate just how big swans are (and how intimidating 200+ swans en masse are). I went a few times when I was a kid.

It's actually not possible to feed a child to a swan (well, not a whole one) --- what's they're actually doing is testing for the ones with brittle bones by seeing which kids get their arms broken.
23rd Jan, 2004 06:35 (UTC)
Re: it's one of the big kiddy attractions down Dorset way
Drink your milk...or we're going to the swannery!!! ;-)
23rd Jan, 2004 08:32 (UTC)
no, not the swans ...

The Tropical Gardens (where they had black peacocks) the Swannery, and Chesil Beach.

Yeah, we knew how to have fun when I was a kid.
22nd Jan, 2004 12:32 (UTC)
my mind goes round and round
heheheheh, mine does that a lot! *grin*
22nd Jan, 2004 14:54 (UTC)
Sorry to hear about your aunt. Were you close?
23rd Jan, 2004 02:27 (UTC)
no, not really
She's actually my Great Aunt, but she's one of those relatives I really know only in relation to Dad -- and she was his Aunt Lil, of course.

She was a little old lady when I was a kid, so, you know, she's had a good innings.
23rd Jan, 2004 15:25 (UTC)
Small pea ness
Mmmmmm, petits pois. :-)
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