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friday scrap-book

In the name of science, I'll follow any set of instructions that starts with "find ten dice"!

I quite fancied the idea of betting on a Tasmanian Shy Albatross for The Ultimate Flutter ... but it looks like you have to sign up to the entire lifestyle to do so. Ho hum.

This Hamlet-based text adventure is written in a fun way, but I got jammed in the first scene -- note to self; there's a reason you don't play computer games.

Shock! Horror! As a Californian decides to go without the internet, sort of.

Peeve of the day: bands which have 100% flash websites. Just one decent html info page makes all the difference, kids. No, I'm not going to link to you.

google sings the blues

Sometimes I get a great notion
Sometimes I Get Bored.
Sometimes I get a loud scratchy sound only (no voice) when I play
Sometimes I get depressed by Katie
Sometimes I get a great notion.

sometimes I get Error code 52 with the same
Sometimes, I Get Really Specific.
Sometimes I get melodramatic. Sometimes I get sad.
sometimes i get 5 seatbelts on the bus
Sometimes I get a bit tired of the internet.
Sometimes I get really sharp pains in my chest
sometimes I get loud.
Sometimes I get e-mails that almost make sense...

Sometimes I get interesting spam
sometimes i get a suspect failure
sometimes i get lonely; funny things that i noticed today while looking at porn
Sometimes I Get Lonely
Sometimes I Get Drunk And Write Songs About You

Sometimes i get "The requested URL could not be retrieved".
Sometimes, I get a bit angry
Sometimes I get a bit tired of the internet.

Sometimes I get in a funk that wants something new.
Sometimes, I get an error message from my email software and am ...
Sometimes I get the feeling like my throat is closing.
Sometimes I Get Dizzy
Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by all that I need to pray for.

Sometimes I get so frustrated
Sometimes I get so compulsive.
Sometimes I get so posted by BOOOOORRRREEEDDDD
Sometimes I get confused why people who understand Linux
Sometimes I get lost in those emails

Sometimes I Get So Scared I refect as if Michael Stipe could hear me

Sometimes I Get Angry For No
Sometimes I get tired of the waiting...
Sometimes I Get Annoyed!
Sometimes I get lost...
Sometimes I get so cranky from seeing George W. on TV

Sometimes I get turned on by seeing naked women
sometimes i get a horrible feeling of deja-vu.

sometimes i get stuck...
Sometimes I get an error in SportletServiceFactory.
Sometimes I get lost in those emails

sometimes i get lonely
sometimes I get quite lonely.
Sometimes I get bored.

[Note: all results from the 1st 5 pages, in order, no edits]


( 2 worms — Feed the birds )
24th Jan, 2004 13:12 (UTC)
Apropos of nothing, what's that Jacqueline Pearce CD like? I've just awoken to the realisation that she is a living God.

25th Jan, 2004 15:30 (UTC)
and rambling, full of glorious drunken strangeness. I laughed a lot when I listened to it, especially the part where they were reminiscing/critiquing upon Jaqueline's various appearances in the management training videos that had been written and directed by the gentleman interviewing her.

If you order a copy it comes signed to you with love from her; meaning that my copy came with added extra love to Mark, the friend of mine who bought it for me.
( 2 worms — Feed the birds )