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dreaming about ergonomic chicken-holders

Been having dreams about transactions going wrong recently. Trying to buy a Hong-Kong-Phooey plastic camera in Boswells, trying to get a refund on a missed train ticket, small precise amounts (£1.99, £5.88) going astray or failing to materialise, cards and tickets and timetables and information screens not doing what they should. Losing luggage, losing time. Anxiety.

This morning I dreamt I was back on the farm, but living there as an adult, in one of those come-and-go shared houses that always seem to be full of friends. As I was about to leave to go to work, I heard someone moving around upstairs, and thought, "Oh yes that's Dan. Alex." And went up because I had to tell them about going to the pub later. But it was actually Jenni, packing all her stuff into boxes and bags and things because she was going up North to live on an island. She had bought a chicken for some reason and was trying to get it into a carrier bag. It was objecting, so I said, "let me". It was a really nice chicken; snow-white, plump, spotlessly clean, with bright eyes and a bright red comb. I used my chicken-handling skills to manoever it into the bag. The bag was just the right size, and it calmed right down the moment it was in there, but it wasn't until I tied the handle that I realised that this was a special chicken-transporting bag, ergonomically shaped to keep your chuck calm and safe. "There we go," I said, handing it to her, "All tucked away, quite unnecessary of course." Jenni didn't take back the chicken. "Well," she said, "If it's quite unnecessary ..." and I suddenly realised that she intended to leave me holding the chicken, a thought I didn't like at all.

Merely a coincidence that I had a dream about Jenni, travel and healthy chickens?


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27th Jan, 2004 07:52 (UTC)
I know what you're thinking.
What's the best way to transport a chicken?
27th Jan, 2004 08:44 (UTC)
Play it Handel's Messiah?
27th Jan, 2004 08:51 (UTC)
oh, no -- I got it wrong.
They prefer The Today Programme, apparently.
27th Jan, 2004 10:01 (UTC)
Oh dear! Is that a Dennis way of saying I'll leave you holding the baby? Wouldn't dream of it, my dear...

Glad the chicken was healthy, at least. And happy and pretty.
28th Jan, 2004 07:33 (UTC)
it was an amazing chicken
and I *know* from chickens.

Which baby would that be? Is there something you're not telling me?
28th Jan, 2004 08:03 (UTC)
Re: it was an amazing chicken
No, no -- nothing to tell -- just that you're the one with the rapidly-procreating siblings (etc) who would be most likely to have a baby to hold...
28th Jan, 2004 08:08 (UTC)
I'd rather hold a chicken than a baby
... and I have spent entirely too much time holding babies recently.
27th Jan, 2004 22:56 (UTC)
Hey, I added you as a friend. Is that okay?
28th Jan, 2004 07:35 (UTC)
of course
-- your stuff in dropandgiveme50 is a most welcome addition, additionally.
27th Jan, 2004 23:31 (UTC)
You ended up in my dream last night. I think I was in new york and ran into a large and exotic group of people, of whom you were the only one I recognised.

I just wanted to mention that for phil (our bass player)'s 21st birthday on monday I gave him a framed copy of that beautiful illustration you did of our band. I'll be giving it to everyone eventually. Thanks!
28th Jan, 2004 07:37 (UTC)
large and exotic,
oh I like that ... what an active dream life I'm having at the moment.
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