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everybody has superpowers

whatever gets you through the nightJust scraped in this week's strip on the last day of the month ... between snow, half-day meetings and the demands of the living room floor, it has been a busy week. Some notes for those who may be interested:
  • Brie and onion marmalade baguettes may be purchased from Mortons on Oxford Broad Street.
  • I was originally going to use a bit of King Lear for panel six, but it was far too wordy -- the quote I ended up using is from ... oh, you know.
  • Panel 7 is on George Street in Oxford. Our "entertainment district".
  • If you think this strip is about you, you are probably right.
Did I miss you out? What's your superpower?


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31st Jan, 2004 04:55 (UTC)

i'll have to have a think about my superpower. speaking backwards? i don't know that it gets me through anything; it's kind of useless really.

by the way, would it be okay if i linked alleged.org.uk from my work's website? at the minute we have a panic button on every page that leads to slow wave, but it takes a few seconds, so i thought uk comics would be better.
1st Feb, 2004 05:19 (UTC)
ah, the dream guy ...
after I saw that, I started jotting down the occasional dream I'd had as little toons in a Tin-Tin notebook I couldn't think of what else to do with. It works quite well, except that every dream ends with a picture of Tin-Tin in the corner ...

Yes, linking to alleged is fine :)
1st Feb, 2004 06:48 (UTC)
Re: ah, the dream guy ...
aw, thanks!

i had one of my dreams made into a slow wave cartoon - "talking jelly". i was about to link it for you, but the archives are down. arse.
31st Jan, 2004 05:04 (UTC)
My superpower is mastery of the Great Wind of Whinge, and I can't see anything but that lovely wallpaper on the 'weekly strip' page...
1st Feb, 2004 05:21 (UTC)
not sure what to suggest ....
Have you tried going directly for the file? Click on:

1st Feb, 2004 11:00 (UTC)
Re: not sure what to suggest ....
Ah, that worked, but not the right-clicking, etc. Weird, I've never had that problem before.
Worth a bit of extra effort, anyway-
31st Jan, 2004 05:30 (UTC)
I seem to have the ability to stop people sitting next to me on a crowded bus by morphing into a thug / care-in-the-community patient, which is handy as the leg room on modern omnibuses sucks big time.
1st Feb, 2004 05:23 (UTC)
good one!
I seem to suffer a bit from the opposite effect ....
31st Jan, 2004 05:41 (UTC)
worth the wait
Thanks - well worth the wait and sorry for hassling you. Coincidentally (panel 4) I was once seated in the window of the Cock and Camel with a friend and his multicoloured mohecan when a distressed toddler outside saw his hair and was calmed by it. My friend is very shy so he found it a bit uncomfortable. I have the power of stopping or at least elongating the normal running of buses merely by waiting for them.
1st Feb, 2004 05:26 (UTC)
very shy and posessed of multicoloured hair?
Well, he's shy, not the hair.

That's more of a supervillain's power really ...
31st Jan, 2004 05:59 (UTC)
Quite possibly your best strip EVER!! The panel with Bing and the duck saying *bread* is fabulous!
1st Feb, 2004 05:27 (UTC)
but what's your superpower?
1st Feb, 2004 06:04 (UTC)
Re: thanks,
er, able to leap teeny theaters in a single bound?
31st Jan, 2004 07:34 (UTC)
very nice!
Lovely strip. My superpower is probaby the ability to go off at tangents. Not sure what use it is though.
1st Feb, 2004 05:28 (UTC)
bewildering your enemies?
1st Feb, 2004 07:11 (UTC)
Re: hmmm
annoying people at meetings seemed to be the usual consequence - I obviously wasn't using the power correctly!
31st Jan, 2004 10:57 (UTC)
I have that theory too..
.. lovely to see it in cartoon form!!!

My pal Ian's superpower is to always find a parking place near where he's going.

And mine is to always know exactly how much money I an afford to spend without actually doing any of the things (acounts, PDA s etc) people do to keep track of their money. (It's kinda handy actually.)

My ex's was to always find the right route to anywhere he was going, even in the most feckless, trackless wastes. I put it down to his years a sa grouse-beating child slave sorry assistant..
1st Feb, 2004 05:32 (UTC)
Those are really *good* powers!
31st Jan, 2004 16:00 (UTC)
This is sooo strange; everyone else can obviously see the strip, but I can't; just the lil' critters...
1st Feb, 2004 05:54 (UTC)
alternative suggestion
click on stop, then right-click on the space where the strip should be, and select "show picture" ...

might work.
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