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stephen duffy: seductive or no?

Remember Stephen "tin-tin" Duffy? I do. The first poor misguided lad who tried (very hard) to be my boyfriend attempted to woo me by playing me Stephen Duffy, The Colourfield and In-In-Information Society.

(context for that article).

Does he have a blog? He has an online biography: Back at the hotel in Swiss cottage I almost died by accidentally inhaling the hot chocolate powder I was tasting in the absence of anything else to eat or do. As far as accidental rock deaths go this would have been the most ignoble and unlamented. .... and oh christ yes, he does have a blog: I was not drunk I was just hopped up on medication and paranoia. Hmmm. Time for some tea.

Stephen Duffy, I salute you. You might even have been good seduction material, if at the time I'd had the faintest interest in boys.


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2nd Feb, 2004 08:51 (UTC)
I was curiously bored at the Chickfactor gig during Duffy's set; expecting intelligent pop rather than aging singer-songwriter. No 'kiss me', either, but he did have Cara Tivey of Billy Bragg fame on piano.

Don't tell me you know Gail & Pam too?
2nd Feb, 2004 08:58 (UTC)
I was wondering if anyone listening had been to a recent gig. Thanks for the review (albeit brief!) ... I'm not sure you could do a singer/songwriter version of "Kiss Me" (or *whether* you should, even) ...

as usual *grin* I don't think that I know any of the people you mention, but I could be wrong ...
2nd Feb, 2004 09:06 (UTC)
Re: ah-ha!
don't let me stop you going to a gig, though, but don't blame me if you're bored.

G&P run Chickfactor, from New York and Peckham respectively. Unsuprisingly I know Pam better than Gail.
2nd Feb, 2004 16:27 (UTC)
well, you know ...
... if he plays the Bullingdon Arms, maybe. Mind you, I keep saying that about Hazel O'Conner and each time I seem to end up doing something else.

(Gail and Pam) Ah! No, I linked to their site without having the faintest idea who they were, it just seemed pretty and fun (and it's always mean to link to a text box without referencing the site that pops it up)

ah, nostalgia
2nd Feb, 2004 08:54 (UTC)
Also, of course, one of the few acts to have taken a Biblical extract into the UK chart.
4th Feb, 2004 09:02 (UTC)
His 90s album 'I Love My Friends' (think that's the title) is fantastic. The tunes! The lyrics! Really recommend it.
4th Feb, 2004 13:15 (UTC)

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5th Feb, 2004 02:44 (UTC)
Re: yeesh
Doesn't look like it. Worth seeking out, though. I don't rate his 80s stuff or the Lilac Time by comparison. Someone I know has the album, I need a copy for myself so maybe I'll get round to getting a couple burned...
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