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stephen duffy: seductive or no?

Remember Stephen "tin-tin" Duffy? I do. The first poor misguided lad who tried (very hard) to be my boyfriend attempted to woo me by playing me Stephen Duffy, The Colourfield and In-In-Information Society.

(context for that article).

Does he have a blog? He has an online biography: Back at the hotel in Swiss cottage I almost died by accidentally inhaling the hot chocolate powder I was tasting in the absence of anything else to eat or do. As far as accidental rock deaths go this would have been the most ignoble and unlamented. .... and oh christ yes, he does have a blog: I was not drunk I was just hopped up on medication and paranoia. Hmmm. Time for some tea.

Stephen Duffy, I salute you. You might even have been good seduction material, if at the time I'd had the faintest interest in boys.

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