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It takes having your nose rubbed in it for you to notice, sometimes. I was thinking comics thoughts about next month's UK Web and Mini-Comics Thing (I'd like to be exhibiting, but can't), I had to straighten up my (artist's) CV for a grant application, and then I got an email about how the link to Eddie Campbell's site wasn't, any more. All in all, everything was embarassingly out-of-date. So I've re-done my home page (though not done away with the scary lizard-tile background, sorry) with different links, some quotes from nice people, and a lot less whining. Somewhere along the line, I discovered that my weekly strip had been turned into an RSS feed by parties unknown (theweeklystrip) though they obviously didn't especially rate it as they didn't even add it to their own friends list (I have a grand total of 0 readers! Go me!) still, it might be nice for anyone who's only here for the comics.

I think I've just about figured out how to get to Cromer for my (Great-)Aunt Lil's funeral, this friday. I'll have to start punishingly early (I need to get to London Liverpool Street for 7.30am! Ouch!) but I'll have plenty of work-time en transit (scripting this time, I think) I do like trains.

More news: I have a (very) few pieces going up for a three-day local show (Atomic Art Bomb) at Modern Art Oxford next week thanks to prickly art-kittens edition. Just the other month the Chapman Brothers were showing there! I shall have to see if I can get some paint flecks as souvenirs.

I had to go tweak a few links on my other site, too, and couldn't resist going and looking at Geocities' random stats and comedy search terms pages. The people who came looking for an "eyeball toy" or "barbie gifs" were probably quite happy, and those looking for "disco tragedies", "my love toys", or even "susie's legs" probably weren't too disappointed. But the person who was after a "well-made animal phallus" may not have found what they were looking for, and as for the person who was looking for "pictures of myself" -- Google does not know who you are.


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4th Feb, 2004 17:23 (UTC)
I just discovered your WALL OF TOYS!!! and tragedies of scale!! FABULOUS STUFF!!
5th Feb, 2004 02:45 (UTC)
oh, I don't know ....
cheap digital photography's moved on a bit since then. I still like the descriptions, though.
4th Feb, 2004 17:46 (UTC)
heh. i was the person who turned the weekly strip into a feed.

and i had it on my f page for months! but you changed the way you were posting about it in your journal (the new ones got much more obvious), so then i started seeing it twice, so i dropped the feed.
5th Feb, 2004 02:46 (UTC)
back when I used to
Not post about *every single one*, right?

Well there hasn't been a stampede of people off my livejournal and onto the RSS feed yet, anyway (phew).

5th Feb, 2004 04:28 (UTC)
Re: back when I used to
Well there hasn't been a stampede of people off my livejournal and onto the RSS feed yet, anyway (phew).

Well, I tried... (actually, I tried to subscribe to both the journal and the feed:-))

But it gave me "Client Error: This would push you over your syndication quota" :-)

5th Feb, 2004 05:37 (UTC)
the feed as is should be working OK
-- but, on livejournal, there's a cute system. Livejournal syndication works according to a points quota. Free users ger 0.99 points, paid users 20. RSS feeds start out costing one point the go down per reader. [Unknown LJ tag] is now down to about 5.3ish.

Any advance?
5th Feb, 2004 05:38 (UTC)
I meant
theweeklystrip, gah. Fingers.
5th Feb, 2004 06:00 (UTC)
Re: the feed as is should be working OK
Hey, you've got a photoblog!:-)

5th Feb, 2004 06:32 (UTC)
... eh ....
I'm supposed to. Had no time recently.
5th Feb, 2004 00:53 (UTC)
Grant application sounds exciting; is it for a particular project? And the show too - serious ignition phase!
5th Feb, 2004 02:52 (UTC)
the project
I'm excited, yes -- Sascha (Mardou), Lucy Sweet and doing a comic together. It started out as discussion at Ladyfest, (possibily Lucy and definitely) I would probably have been to lazy to do much about it but that Mardou can really do the to-do lists.

Th show's not so exciting -- I'm sort of on a far corner of a community art area, but hey, it's all gravy!

Doing my CV was kind of freaky.
5th Feb, 2004 03:03 (UTC)
Re: the project
Ohhh, mucho intrigued! Hope y'all have more luck than I did. I look forward to further developments...
5th Feb, 2004 04:24 (UTC)
Re: the project
Sascha's kind of hopeful about funding -- she's writing the bid. She has a geographical advantage over those of us living in areas of intense population (most of whom are artists). I think the joint project side of it gives us a benefit, too ...

fingers crossed.
5th Feb, 2004 04:14 (UTC)
Re: the project
Hooray! Well, something to look forward to. Will it be a collaborative story, or are you each doing separate sections?
5th Feb, 2004 04:19 (UTC)
seperate, but similarly themed
and the covers are going to be collaborative to tie it all together. Also, I think Sascha's going to ask Camilla to write an intro, to keep up with Ladyfest connection. (theme = whores of mensa)
7th Feb, 2004 13:01 (UTC)
Did you go to see the current thing at MAO, the Brookes Students' show? Whilst there was only one piece that grabbed me, there was only one I found really offensive (in a Neal Stephenson / Greg Egan ish 'how dare these people make a virtue of their ignorance of science' sort of reactionary way) and there was a complete absence of the sort of annoying undergraduate stuff I was expecting.
9th Feb, 2004 09:13 (UTC)
not yet
--- I'd better hurry. I always like the Ruskin's degree show. Some of. But I only even like some of a show (one or two exceptions)
10th Feb, 2004 04:41 (UTC)
Re: not yet
If you're going and feel like company, do please let me know. I too enjoy the Ruskin show, though keep forgetting to go...
10th Feb, 2004 05:21 (UTC)
we missed Brookes,
but Atomic Art Bomb is on this weekend (Fri-Sun) which is Ruskin + Guests (including me, as part of Edition), to which I shall certainly be going.
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