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(only just) this week's strip

Superhero clubhouseIt all dragged out a bit this week, but see ... there was a reason why I asked about *your* superpowers! It was so that, in this week's strip, I could draw various superheroes who have absolutely nothing to do with you, just like Peter Parker has nothing to do with Spiderman.


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8th Feb, 2004 18:39 (UTC)
Heh. I have a gay finger, too. (Just the finger, though.)
9th Feb, 2004 03:33 (UTC)
one of my knees is also gay
and my toes. They're very gay.
8th Feb, 2004 19:54 (UTC)
AAAAHHH!!!! I{m in your strip!! Ahhhhh!!!! This is almost more amazing than the fact that I{m writing this comment from Mexico (and I saw a comic shop today but it was closed - Sunday - still, it gives you hope!)
9th Feb, 2004 03:31 (UTC)
sorry about the corsets
... but PDAs, digital cameras and the like .... well, the way I draw, they all fetch up looking like small grey buns ....
9th Feb, 2004 01:47 (UTC)
Aw, I feel all warm and happy! What a nice strip.
9th Feb, 2004 03:30 (UTC)
thanks :)
I thought going off at tangents was a very useful power.

Spectacular, too.
9th Feb, 2004 01:56 (UTC)
Nice...I love 'my' ensemble! Thank you! Superpowers are so fine-
9th Feb, 2004 03:28 (UTC)
you don't really see it at that size
But the little yellow blobs on the trousers are tiny stars.
9th Feb, 2004 02:53 (UTC)
Beautiful beautiful colours - are you turning into a neo-Fauvist?

Have you seen this? http://www.livejournal.com/community/humanfandom/
9th Feb, 2004 03:26 (UTC)
superheroes are colourful ...
But I am sort of being followed around by fauvist colours at the moment, so maybe yes.

Og god. Some sort of furry-will-eat itself thing. Where do you find this stuff?
9th Feb, 2004 03:29 (UTC)
I don't have to look; the weirdness of the internet just comes and finds me.
9th Feb, 2004 06:24 (UTC)
I love that! My friends and I have been having the super-powers discussion lately: here's a few more for your entertainment:

my boy sleepingzebras has the power of ... Waves of Lethargy!
my friend D has ... the power to teleport to his room whenever he wants to!

and another friend is rather like the Wind of Whinge, only we called it the power off ... Atomic Blast of Yak!
9th Feb, 2004 06:50 (UTC)
Yow! I think everyone's going to be jealous of that!
9th Feb, 2004 14:51 (UTC)
Supervillain or just misunderstood...?
I'm so chuffed. I held the bus up for a good thirty minutes by way of celebration. Bwa-ha-ha...!

Dem (or Dem Bones by bus)
10th Feb, 2004 02:37 (UTC)
Re: Supervillain or just misunderstood...?
oh, you fiend!
15th Feb, 2004 05:47 (UTC)
thank you!
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