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The Scissor Sisters cured my sore feet

On a brief screen break from breaking down a consultation document into young-person-friendly language, started doodling manic dancing fool Jake Shears and mama-mia va-va-voom woof! scream! Ana Matronic (Scissor Sisters frontfreaks) on some of the scrap that's always heaped my desk -- grrr! -- Not slinky enough! Not sufficiently frenzied, damnit! I screwed it up to chuck it away and checked myself just in time -- I'd drawn it on the back of the strategic operational leadership and management inspection framework. Oops.

I hope I don't have to refer back to it for any meetings; the microphones look like big cocks.


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12th Feb, 2004 07:19 (UTC)
I walked straight past you on magdalen bridge on your way there, didn't I. And I was on my way to all bar one to meet up with you and the gang. Sorry. I should pay more attention.
12th Feb, 2004 07:21 (UTC)
your feet said "I'm moving too fast to stop"
But your eyes said, "hi". Sorry to have missed you (again). Do you only go down the pub Tuesdays I'm not there?
12th Feb, 2004 07:40 (UTC)
Yes, my feet were concerned that by agreeing to stop in another pub first I'd get there too late and miss people, which is what happened in the end. Actually last tuesday was (I think) only the second tuesday pubnight I've gone to - tuesday tends to be gigs or rehearsals. Come to think of it, every night seems to be gigs or rehearsals these days.

Like next tuesday, for example. I hope y'all are coming down the cellar for the trailerpark night..
12th Feb, 2004 07:55 (UTC)
some of us'll shuffle along, I'm sure
What time are you guys on? Approximately ... (looks like quite a marathon gig for a Tue night)
12th Feb, 2004 08:07 (UTC)
oxfordbands have you listed first
which can't be right, surely?
12th Feb, 2004 08:28 (UTC)
So does the trailerpark website. Perhaps we really are headlining. I don't know when we're on, but they've just redone the cellar and it's possible they'll have some kind of late license shenannigans going on. I'd be surprised if we're on before ten.
12th Feb, 2004 09:35 (UTC)
headlining? You go!
They've certainly got a late license on tuesdays (did when I went to see Kimya, anyway) -- so you might be on really quite late ...

see you there
13th Feb, 2004 01:24 (UTC)
Aye; oxfordbands.com says it's open til 12 so we'll probably be on after 11. Thankfully I don't think I'm working next week - half term and all. So I'll be alright at least..
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