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and now my site is all sore.

But given the write-up I was given, I'm not surprised.

Heck, I'd follow that link. Oh, wait, it's *my* site. Fishcakes. Well, at least the Tiny, shiny dykes to watch out for are easy enough to find from the home page of my real site. You know, the one where we'll just get charged more if we exceed quota.

EDIT: Right, it's over here now. I think I told everyone I needed to. Oooh, the giddy excitement.


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12th Feb, 2004 06:09 (UTC)
boingboinged! too cool!
12th Feb, 2004 06:15 (UTC)
I like, really feel like I've, arrived, you know? And I'd like to thank all my toys, without whom I'd never have been able to get this far ...

(oh, shoot me now)
12th Feb, 2004 06:10 (UTC)
Fleshbotted and boing-boinged to death
Umm... congratulations? :-)

12th Feb, 2004 06:15 (UTC)
I'm not really sure what a fleshbot is
but I'm pretty sure I should not be looking at it from work.
12th Feb, 2004 06:23 (UTC)
Re: I'm not really sure what a fleshbot is
Well, I asked Google "What is a fleshbot?", and it replied with this.

(This being a site which features a long article on "a Belgian-based group of street artists who post massive pornographic paste-ups in urban spaces"...)

So, on the whole, I think you're right.

12th Feb, 2004 06:27 (UTC)
I got as far as google and decided not to click on through. Though it might've been nice to see what they had to say about me ...
12th Feb, 2004 06:38 (UTC)
Re: mmmm
it might've been nice to see what they had to say about me ...

Lurid Toy Stories Ever wonder what 80s he-man action figures and Barbie dolls are doing when no one's looking at them? Probably exactly what you'd expect: bestiality orgies, bookshelf quickies, S&M fantasy scenes, homoerotic role play, crossdressing, and other polymorphously perverted plastic practices.

I Love My Toys: Lurid Stories (Clean Skies - thanks Xeni)

12th Feb, 2004 06:51 (UTC)
he-man ?????
I have no he-men!!! The very idea!

(secretly pleased)
12th Feb, 2004 07:15 (UTC)
Re: he-man ?????
They probably sneak in to molest the other toys when you're not looking. :)
12th Feb, 2004 07:44 (UTC)
the fiends!
I shall set the godzilla monsters on them, that'll learn 'em.
12th Feb, 2004 06:13 (UTC)
Oh, my word!
12th Feb, 2004 06:25 (UTC)
I like the design but the links aren't working yet (?)
12th Feb, 2004 06:32 (UTC)
well, there's not much I can do about the geocities site
It'll be down until the requests stop exceeding my quota. Part and parcel of having a small, free site, that. I probably ought to pop it over onto my main site -- but I won't be in a position to do that for about 5-6 hours, by which time it'll be yesterday's news.
12th Feb, 2004 06:42 (UTC)
Re: well, there's not much I can do about the geocities site
need to borrow some webspace?
12th Feb, 2004 06:50 (UTC)
Re: well, there's not much I can do about the geocities site
I've got webspace, but I'm at work at the moment. Behind a firewall, so shifting lots of files around isn't really an option. But thanks for the offer.
13th Feb, 2004 02:36 (UTC)
oh, she's always doing that
... but she'd better think twice about Blaine as an option; he's no longer being produced (though his head mould is currently adorning the Lord of the Rings special edition Aragorn).
12th Feb, 2004 13:19 (UTC)
Oooh, Franz Ferdinand! Whats that like, i keep meaning to look them up. The 30-second slice i heard sounded pleasantly like The Strokes, but that was 2 months ago at 1am.
13th Feb, 2004 01:42 (UTC)
er, well since I've got it
I've played it about six times.

Yeah, a bit strokes-ish, good lyrics, mixture of thoughtful and thumping. Some of it's a bit miseryguts, I suppose, but I kind of like that.

Expect you can listen to it at a Borders listening post, if you're not sure (I often do that) -- but buy it at Tescos, where it's cheap!
13th Feb, 2004 02:38 (UTC)
Re: er, well since I've got it
er, well since I've got it
I've played it about six times.

Ah, but when did you get it? I liked it (and the video) a lot when I saw it round at yours; I think I'd buy the Scissor Sisters song first out of the two, though, as being more mind-boggling. Expect I may pop along & get both in the end...
13th Feb, 2004 02:57 (UTC)
Wednesday. And I was out most of Wed and Thu nights.

(Although, in my defence, I was using it to dull the pain of editing an Ofsted consultation document into child-friendly language).
13th Feb, 2004 05:54 (UTC)
"you can't see tits on the radio" (scissor sisters) is pretty boggleworthy

... on the other hand, "dark of the matinee" (franz ferdinand) is kind of lovely

Your social secretary reminds you: eberg gig@wheatsheaf this evening, Jo's unvalentine party tomorrow. (Or do you need to sleep solid for a few days?)
13th Feb, 2004 09:38 (UTC)
Re: indeed
No, I don't need to sleep solid for a while - am feeling pretty good actually. Maybe see you tonight, def see everyone tomorrow @ jo's.

J x
13th Feb, 2004 04:56 (UTC)
Chena in Xina
Ahhh! YOU HAVE A XENA DOLL! She has a Xena doll!
13th Feb, 2004 05:28 (UTC)
She was a christmas present, back from when Xenamania was all the rage ... isn't she just the loveliest thing?

There's a Callisto around the place, too. She's scary ...
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