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Kitchen Stories

The time is the early 1950s and Sweden’s Home Research Institute (HRI) is conducting a research programme into domestic habits, to rationalise the layout of kitchens along industrial lines. Armed with clipboards and diagrams, a Swedish delegation arrives in a Norwegian rural district, with the aim of mapping the kitchen routines of single men. Method demands that the observer cannot intervene in household life, only watch and note, and never converse with the subject of surveillance. Hapless observer Nilsson is assigned a particularly reluctant farmer, the cantankerous old Isak, who at first won’t even let him into the house. Soon, though, Nilsson takes up his vantage point on a wooden platform perched ludicrously in the corner of the kitchen - only to find that Isak is watching him, through a hole in the kitchen ceiling. Slowly, however, relations between the two men begin to thaw.

On at The Phoenix this week. Off-kilter visual style, chilly, pale-green polar look, wonderful retro pastiches. Oooo.


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13th Feb, 2004 08:08 (UTC)
I think I just missed it at the Brighton Duke of Yorks. Was considering it, but spouse poo-pooed my choice, round about the time I was reading out this same description, and got to 'rationalise the layout of kitchens...'. Then we sidetracked on to a conversation about why I think the less like a film a film sounds, the better I think it's going to be (you follow?)
13th Feb, 2004 08:28 (UTC)
all too well
... some of the most fabulous films I've seen have had terribly unpromising write-ups, it's almost a signal.

Songs from the Second Floor, for example.
13th Feb, 2004 08:13 (UTC)
Oo, I saw the trailer ages ago and meant to watch out for it. Looks fun.
13th Feb, 2004 08:50 (UTC)
I definitely picked it out of the list of things to watch at the Phoenix...
..after American Splendor which I've been waiting for. AmSplend on Tuesday, Kitchen Stories on Thursday perhaps?
13th Feb, 2004 09:05 (UTC)
Well the Evenings are playing on Tues (down the Cellar probably about 10-11pm) so I think I probably won't go for doing anything but that + pub on Tue. I might even go see American Splendour after tonight's gig (depending on how bright-eyed I am) -- done that before and it worked out OK.
13th Feb, 2004 09:08 (UTC)
Re: I definitely picked it out of the list of things to watch at the Phoenix...
... or I might do American Splendour + Kitchen stories on the same night (probably Thu) --- the times work out fine for that.

Good old Phoenix. Nothing you want for weeks, then three at once!
13th Feb, 2004 11:56 (UTC)
Sounds extremely cool. I love kitchens.
14th Feb, 2004 08:33 (UTC)
What do you mean, 'dream kitchen'(under 'current music')? Is that what I think it is?

We'll be on after 11pm on tuesday I'm told - maybe even 11.20ish.

And yes, great films usually have terrible writeups (and trailers). Nowadays once I know I'll want to see a film (a particular director, actors or whatever) I make a point of finding out as little as possible beforehand. I read the speel about 'lilya 4-ever' after seeing it and vigorously disagreed with their interpretation of the film, and I know it would have completely ruined it for me had I read it in advance.
16th Feb, 2004 02:37 (UTC)
(oh won't you) spend some time in my
dream kitchen
you can wipe your feet and you can wash your hair
(but if you) make a wish in my
dream kitchen
it won't get you anywhere
18th Feb, 2004 08:26 (UTC)
I'm actually pretty exited to see this movie, I saw the preview the other night when watching The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (which I HIGHLY recommend if it actually plays anywhere near you, or if not it's bound to come out on DVD).

It looks beyond charming and also a wee bit surreal, which is a pretty nifty combination.
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