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I should have more confidence in the reach of my flash.

Ana Matronic and clapping audience

Above: Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters, at the Zodiac.

The curvy swervy body of Jake Shears

Above: Jake baring slightly more for the encore. He says he's sorry he hasn't shaved, but nobody seems to mind.

Jake Shears adjusts his trousers.

Above: Jake threatens to pull something out of his trousers. Ana (off-shot) taunts the contents of his pants.

Taken with the shiny gold Pop-9, a Lomographic Society camera with 9 tiny lenses; takes 9 simultaneous photographs onto one 35 shot. Why? Because it's neat. And shiny. It's the only camera I can use to check I'm putting my lipstick on straight.

It's also the camera that got me banned from Snappy Snaps. This was developed at Boots, who so far (touch wood) have not complained. Paid for by points!


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16th Feb, 2004 23:57 (UTC)
Whose ultra-skinny hands are they in the first picture? They really make it. Just some random gig-goers hands?

It's the only camera I can use to check I'm putting my lipstick on straight. I can check mine in my iPod. Mirror back.
17th Feb, 2004 02:51 (UTC)
one of the dancing fools I was standing among
put up her hands to clap just as I took the photo, and I thought, BLOODY HELL! as it was the first time beautiful Ana had come within flash-range --- but it turned out OK, after all. A nice shot of Jake, though, is just a big white-out blur of someone's elbow. Me = short.
27th Jul, 2004 03:35 (UTC)
Aww, Scissor Sisters rock my spot ;¬)


27th Jul, 2004 05:07 (UTC)
glad you enjoyed the show, random stranger!
22nd Aug, 2004 09:34 (UTC)
23rd Aug, 2004 09:03 (UTC)
pleased to please.
17th Sep, 2004 01:53 (UTC)
What on earth do Snappy Snaps object to?
17th Sep, 2004 02:43 (UTC)
well now,
The machines print-cut through a combination of preset and edge detection. Most 35s, and especially toy cameras like the lomographics, have a slightly uneven pull, meaning that the prints are not evenly spaced along the roll of film. This is why driving a photo machine is a skilled job; you have to be able to spot the films that won't go through the print-cutter on automatic. (multiple shot cameras can also screw up the edge detection, but apparently that wasn't the problem for Snappy Snaps)

... now I had absolutely no problems at Snappy Snaps (apart from the manager butting in and pissing off the experienced photo jockey who ran the machine every five minutes) until they had a change of staff (the predictable effect of the micro-management technique) ... the manager replaced his machine man with three little blonde girls fresh out of school (one of whom presumably wasted an hour and a lot of photo-paper on trying to run my prints through on automatic) ...

and then, when I came back, the manager game me a fifteen-minute rant about how he was prepared to print my shots if I left them with him for 24 hours and paid the full B&W price (£15). Hahahahaha. Yeah, right. For that I could get a professional service ...
17th Sep, 2004 03:00 (UTC)
Re: well now,
Strange chap. One might naively expect the manager to be vaguely interested in photography and therefore interested in what you were doing. Oh what am I saying? It must be delerium brought about by my chest infection.
17th Sep, 2004 03:46 (UTC)
not that guy
his ideal is a endless queue of tourists using APS. It is more of a booth-type place than, say, Jessops, but since Jessops closed their own place and switched to using the big kodak labs I've been dissatisfied with the print quality, especially the colour (kodak stuff always looks too yellow to me). Still use them for 120 and 110, or course ... the real bummer was losing the Jessops B&W labs which did miracles on my B&W disposables.

The guy on the machine, though, was a photographer himself, and had a real eye and talent for what he was doing. He eventually came back, but by then I'd switched to Boots where the people are nice and very well trained, and I get points.

And what do points mean? Free deodorant!

Sorry, you shouldn't get me started on cameras. I go on a bit ...
23rd Sep, 2004 03:00 (UTC)
my photos are nice
But if you were looking for less clothes on Jake you may prefer these.
29th Dec, 2004 23:40 (UTC)
Why did they ban you?
For Scissor Sisters pictures? SCANDAL

PS. I found your journal when searching for photos of Jake.

30th Dec, 2004 01:56 (UTC)
Nooooo. Hope you enjoyed :)
30th Dec, 2004 23:07 (UTC)
Scissor sisters.... oh mama!
21st Mar, 2005 05:08 (UTC)
such lovely pictures

thank you

you just made my day
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