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scissor sisters captured in pop-9-o-vision

I should have more confidence in the reach of my flash.

Ana Matronic and clapping audience

Above: Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters, at the Zodiac.

The curvy swervy body of Jake Shears

Above: Jake baring slightly more for the encore. He says he's sorry he hasn't shaved, but nobody seems to mind.

Jake Shears adjusts his trousers.

Above: Jake threatens to pull something out of his trousers. Ana (off-shot) taunts the contents of his pants.

Taken with the shiny gold Pop-9, a Lomographic Society camera with 9 tiny lenses; takes 9 simultaneous photographs onto one 35 shot. Why? Because it's neat. And shiny. It's the only camera I can use to check I'm putting my lipstick on straight.

It's also the camera that got me banned from Snappy Snaps. This was developed at Boots, who so far (touch wood) have not complained. Paid for by points!

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