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and then I saw this one:

My Love is Knight Rider

(Via andlosers from this frighteningly complete list which also points out that there is a (wouldn't you know it?) colorbar_love community.)

Oh ick. Scented emails.


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19th Feb, 2004 06:27 (UTC)
heheheheh, the knight rider banner is cool *grin*

i've seen a lot of these around, played with one myself for fun (though my grasp of HTML is still basic), but i hadn't come across half of what was collected on gobblersknob's journal - thanks for the link, it makes entertaining reading.
19th Feb, 2004 08:30 (UTC)
A derivation...


The Cylons Love Nobody
19th Feb, 2004 09:48 (UTC)
was my absolute favourite
... but Knight Rider made me laugh more.
19th Feb, 2004 08:31 (UTC)
scented e-mails...
Well, I can see a definite niche market for that, especially if the smells can be refined to someone's particular scents...ahem.
19th Feb, 2004 14:46 (UTC)
The best bit about those banners has been watching all the mutations spring up...
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