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Teacakes. My Palm, the most beautiful Palm in the world, has just gone terminally futz. Has anyone out there ever had one repaired? Mine is a IIIe. The one with the transparent case. It is a bit old now. But still lovely.

I spent this afternoon writing an information page about self-harm while pulling my hair out. Oh, the irony. I think I did an OK job, but sometimes I think that I just have too much history now to communicate successfully. Maybe there ought to be a cut-off point after which you're not allowed to give anyone any advice any more. 33, say.

In lieu of advice, here is the report of an experience; UKCAC Diary, a strip I wrote after the last UKCAC.

UKCAC isn't a very pleasant name, is it? It stands for UK Comics Art Convention. When I was a student it was the British comics convention, held annually in London (there was a sister con called GlasCAC) and teeming with all the comics fervour of the late 80s. By the time this strip came to be drawn it wasn't in London any more, and the enthusiasm of the 80s was long gone.

So turn back the clock to 1998, and head up to Manchester with me for two days of drunken blundering around the convention hotel that taste forgot, bothering famous people like Joe Sacco and Eddie Campbell, eating tiramisu and drawing on tablecloths, at the last UKCAC ever. This is Page 1 of six.

I'll put the next up next moment I get. Brought to you by the now defunct Oxford city centre Kall-kwick copy shop and the indispensible Pritt.


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23rd Feb, 2004 16:28 (UTC)
My Palm, which is the best one in the world not yours, died on me last year. I sent it in for repair and, apart from leaving it on a loading dock in Texas somewhere for a bit, they were pretty efficient about getting it back, within a week or two. Constant pathetic calls saying "where is my Palm?" helped. You'll probably have to pay though.
24th Feb, 2004 00:25 (UTC)
They definitely didn't send you back a similar one instead of the original, I suppose? As I see it, cleanskies is particularly keen on this one (but then you picked that up already). cleanskies already knows I've got a spare Palm m500 due to a recent upgrade (am still making sure all the data is over on the new one) but she seemed, well, not unenthusiastic, but still very keen on keeping the old one if it could be patched up instead.
24th Feb, 2004 01:34 (UTC)
USB support
would also be an issue, I think -- (I currently synch palm to the zombie NT box)
24th Feb, 2004 12:51 (UTC)
I did get the same one back in the end, same scratches and wonky slider, but if it's beyond hope then they send you a new or reconditioned one.
24th Feb, 2004 01:39 (UTC)
I was hoping someone had been through the repair process and could advise on whether it's a good idea or not. (Uhm .... how expensive are we talking? For a screen that's gone terminally unresponsive.)
24th Feb, 2004 12:50 (UTC)
Re: yay!
I'm not sure exactly how much it'd cost because mine was still under warranty. I understand that if it isn't, you have to pay a flat fee for the repair... but I also understand that if they have to replace the whole screen, that's quite a bit extra, unfortunately, they warn you specifically about that when you buy the thing. If it it's just a loose wire somewhere or a dodgy video chip or something, that would just be standard I suppose, but you wouldn't know until you sent it in.

I'd give them a ring and ask about it.

I've had pretty professional service off them generally though.
25th Feb, 2004 15:56 (UTC)
ah well, it can't possibly be as expensive as teeth
.... and thanks very much for your help. Most appreciated!
25th Feb, 2004 19:47 (UTC)
Re: ah well, it can't possibly be as expensive as teeth
No problem - and let us know how much it is, for future reference.
23rd Feb, 2004 16:40 (UTC)
Fantastic solution!
To the coallation dilemma!
24th Feb, 2004 01:40 (UTC)
they fell for it, too
24th Feb, 2004 01:42 (UTC)
Wow, that is pretty cheap. I could just replace it with that. Maybe if I painted the case ...

(cheaper to replace than repair, it ain't right)
24th Feb, 2004 01:55 (UTC)
Re: *sigh*
if you're lucky (and careful) you will probably be able to swap the innards into the see-through shell. Then you still have a spare case to paint...
24th Feb, 2004 04:06 (UTC)
I don't have very steady hands. And I'm a bit fearful about the whole modding thing ...
23rd Feb, 2004 22:49 (UTC)
a transparent case? I want a photo of it please...

but don't you want a colour one? I know I want a colour one now, the greygreen and blackness of my handspring screen gives me the heebies these days it does, even though it's starting to get a renewed lease of life thanks to my new infrared phone (with colour screen) and a inared thingy for the PC... so now they can all talk to each other they don't need me any more.
24th Feb, 2004 01:44 (UTC)
I'll be photographing it later this week I expect
-- after I decide what to do. Part of me wants a colour one (for the drawing programmes, larger screen, etc.) but the other part keeps muttering about battery life.

16th Mar, 2004 05:21 (UTC)
Re: I'll be photographing it later this week I expect
I think I've seen what yours must look like now - in an old catalogue I found - it looks almost exactly like my transparent blue handspring it does.

But I really want a colour one now that they're actually cheaper than my handspring was when that first came out...

and oh, oh, oh, being able to do colour drawings and show colour photos on it - salver, drool.
24th Feb, 2004 01:05 (UTC)

24th Feb, 2004 01:42 (UTC)
Heh. Now you know how Jesus must feel.
24th Feb, 2004 01:48 (UTC)
I'm not as tolerant and patient as he is, but I'll try to handle it with good grace.
24th Feb, 2004 01:45 (UTC)
new exclaimations gained from watching Excel Saga
24th Feb, 2004 01:49 (UTC)
Re: new exclaimations gained from watching Excel Saga
Blimey! Isn't Excel a spreadsheet thingy? What kind of a saga was in your spreadsheet?
24th Feb, 2004 03:42 (UTC)
dear Abbey, there is a saga in my spreadsheet ...
I explained about Excel Saga in my previous post. Weren't you paying attention? Or was I being more than usually incomprehensible?
24th Feb, 2004 03:49 (UTC)
Re: dear Abbey, there is a saga in my spreadsheet ...
I think I was being bad and not paying attention. I've been a little distracted lately.

I think I might need a tivo. I might try to plan one into my future.
24th Feb, 2004 04:05 (UTC)
they're hard to obtain in this country at the moment
24th Feb, 2004 04:14 (UTC)
Re: they're hard to obtain in this country at the moment
Ah - I remember that strip.

But this looks encouraging. Perhaps I need a digital box thingy first though.

24th Feb, 2004 06:12 (UTC)
*Unfortunately the copy shop had upgraded their copiers and downgraded their staff*
LOL, yes!
25th Feb, 2004 16:05 (UTC)
poor love
.... she didn't know what had hit her.

I'm glad copy shops are *so much* better now.
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