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UKCAC diary the next

Inspired by the efforts of some of my friends, I decided to attack one of the huge sliding piles of comics. UKCAC diary page 2It took half a pile for the sheer force of stuff! to halt any attempt at sorting. Look, here's the stuff NAMBLA sent us -- old Deadlines with summer-turquoise covers, that weird comic about Lt. Uhura getting really into body-building and, er, other stuff. What's this? Dangerous Hobbits? Zinesters were so ahead of the wave... Without any further ado, back to 1998, when Jenni had plans for Caption all the way up to 2001, and her eye on (interviewing) Joe Sacco ...


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26th Feb, 2004 15:51 (UTC)
Somewhat confused...
Did Joe Sacco ever make a Caption appearance?
26th Feb, 2004 23:41 (UTC)
Re: Somewhat confused...
No, he never did, and there was no intention to. This was before we had any idea we'd be able to actually afford an american guest one year; and I'm not sure if we'd've chosen Joe Sacco anyway, as someone like James Kochalka would have been more appropriate in many ways.

Sacco was a guest at that UKCAC and that's the only time I've ever met him; andypop also met him through work more recently, when the big buzz about his Palestine book was around.
27th Feb, 2004 02:12 (UTC)
not caption, but caption
Didn't you end up reporting the conversation either for Caption (The Zine) or BAPA? I thought I remembered you taking notes, I suppose I could be wrong about that (as I was already in the drunken haze I'd spend the rest of the convention in).
27th Feb, 2004 02:17 (UTC)
Re: not caption, but caption
I might have written something for somewhere, but not terribly officially. I wasn't in the best of moods and I was staying with my brother, so was slightly torn between comics & socialising with family. I seem to recall I did have my eye on Sacco for more than one reason but abruptly switched into a different mode at about 9 pm before I even got loads of heavy drinking in, and went off to hang out with my brother instead.

This was in the first year or so after I'd split up with Andy, if I recall rightly, and I wasn't always terribly settled.
27th Feb, 2004 03:12 (UTC)
it was an unsettling event for all of us, I think
... that weird place, the sudden shock of discovering it was the last one ...
27th Feb, 2004 02:09 (UTC)
Re: Somewhat confused...
No, but he was one of the guests at UKCAC (UK Comics Art Convention) 1998, held in Manchester (this strip is about that). I didn't go to his talk, but Jenni managed to snag him and buy him a drink so we fetched up chatting to him in the bar. He's a very interesting guy, and I'd certainly recommend hearing him talk if you get the chance -- his comics are great, too.
27th Feb, 2004 06:53 (UTC)
Re: Somewhat confused...
His comics I know, his speech, I do not. Cheers for the suggestion though, if I find him billed somewhere near my location...
26th Feb, 2004 16:56 (UTC)
Tell me that's not the same NAMBLA as we have over here:
North American Man Boy Love Association (aka pedophiles)
27th Feb, 2004 02:25 (UTC)
I'm afraid so
A little before the internet arrived and made such things kind of obsolete, I was running (with damiancugley) a listings zine for lesbian, gay, queer, trans, feminist and grrl zines (and other stuff along the same lines). zines = short print run photocopied booklets, usually about quite personal stuff.

People got listed by sending us stuff, and we got sent a lot of strange and distressing stuff -- long rambling letters about what lesbians "really need", an incredibly bad porn script, anguished poetry by self-harming teens ... and the NAMBLA starter pack. Lucky us ... but it wasn't especially obscene (presumably because it was being exported, they'd checked its legality in both countries) until you started reading it and caught the subtext, ugh. We didn't list them -- most of our people were young isolated queer kids, so it was important to keep predatory elements off the list.

But I kept everything -- hoping against hope that someday someone'll start a zine archive -- but the way things are going it'll probably have to be me!
28th Feb, 2004 04:29 (UTC)
Re: I'm afraid so
cooo -is my old zine stuff still in there somewhere?
1st Mar, 2004 13:22 (UTC)
they're around
.... I've seen the Gingers somewhere recently, in fact. Damian's shelf? Loads of good stuff, I have. One day I'll make a museum.
27th Feb, 2004 00:38 (UTC)
...And I'm all curious about pumped-up Uhura now...Frightening mental picture-
27th Feb, 2004 02:29 (UTC)
not as frightening as the original comic, I do assure you
-- it's one of my collection of comics about lesbians by men. I've been sent lots over the years. Still, I guess if your fetish-cluster is Star Wars, lady body builders, lesbianism and comics, what are you going to do?
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