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UKCAC diary the next

Inspired by the efforts of some of my friends, I decided to attack one of the huge sliding piles of comics. UKCAC diary page 2It took half a pile for the sheer force of stuff! to halt any attempt at sorting. Look, here's the stuff NAMBLA sent us -- old Deadlines with summer-turquoise covers, that weird comic about Lt. Uhura getting really into body-building and, er, other stuff. What's this? Dangerous Hobbits? Zinesters were so ahead of the wave... Without any further ado, back to 1998, when Jenni had plans for Caption all the way up to 2001, and her eye on (interviewing) Joe Sacco ...


27th Feb, 2004 02:29 (UTC)
not as frightening as the original comic, I do assure you
-- it's one of my collection of comics about lesbians by men. I've been sent lots over the years. Still, I guess if your fetish-cluster is Star Wars, lady body builders, lesbianism and comics, what are you going to do?