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Damned in a single sentence: She has vociferously campaigned against embryo experimentation, Sunday trading, pornographic videos and fluoride.

What at first looks like help for people with poor imagination faculties rapidly grows into a Cronenbergish story of dubious-taste therapy that may be more damaging than the experience it aims to relieve. Buy the film rights!

I was sent spam for "one-click history deletion" today. Oh, the history deletion button. Shiny, shiny button ... it didn't turn out to be what I thought it was. *sigh*

I'm not going to link to what Orson Scott Card had to say about same-sex marriage. Instead, something positive: when I read something online I hate, I go read Morford. He sets the world to rights.

On the subject of despairing in all humanity, I've added up the times and I think I can make it to see Dogville and Le Corbeau in a single evening. Oh yeah, beat down that human spirit.

But, what's this? A minimate Frodo? Joy reigns again! (Also available, Aragorn, Legolas, Twilight Frodo ... and an uruk-hai in chain mail pants!)

The world's not so bad after all.


27th Feb, 2004 09:24 (UTC)
A Cronenbergish story of dubious-taste theory...
According to someone I met at a party, a Beta version of Kuju's Train Simulator was used by a psychiatrist treating someone who had a phobia of train travel after a nasty accident.

Apparently he set it up on lots of monitors in "passenger" mode (where the AI drives the train round and you just watch the view out of the simulated window. No, really.) and then just left the patient alone with it. Given that it was the Beta, and thus presumably a little crash prone, I'm not sure what the actual results of this therapy were...

Incidentally, I was particularly impressed by the insider section of the Train Simulator site.

"Download our secret audio file and see if you can guess which train it's from. Even if you can't figure it out, we think you'll enjoy listening (turn up your subwoofer)."

1st Mar, 2004 02:31 (UTC)
I'm sure that's the plot
of an old Avengers story. Evil bad guys are strapping people into chairs and simulating things they're phobic of (like being run over by trains).

The effect was dying of fight, rather than getting over the trauma ...
1st Mar, 2004 02:31 (UTC)
Re: I'm sure that's the plot
... eh, fright. Fright. I meant fright.