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Thanks to everyone who helped me escape the sheer grinding misery of existence in a wildly hedonistic weekend. Everyone who played dress-up and put up with my drunken ranting and thought it wasn't too disgusting to drink Sangria at Sunday lunchtime. All the shiny masks. All the posing pancake-makers. Hostess and birthday boy, birthday girl and sister. Good party gods.

UKCAC diary page 3UKCAC diary continues with my descent into the evening. There is a huge porcelain zebra in the hotel foyer. I put on an ill-advised tight-fitting gold velvet top and lose patience with people trying to decide where to eat. The iron-willed dictator we're all missing is Fiona Jerome, at that time heading out of the comics scene to form a brand new magazine called Bizarre; she didn't make it up to Manchester for UKCAC. The tall man I'm burbling at is Gavin Burrows, Zineking of the Brighton small press scene. Into the hotel.


1st Mar, 2004 14:53 (UTC)
Ah, memories...
It's all flooding back... Shall we know such times again?
2nd Mar, 2004 05:26 (UTC)
you're on the next page, I think
.... but then, you probably could have guessed that.
2nd Mar, 2004 08:14 (UTC)
Re: you're on the next page, I think
Oh, I know this comic of your frighteningly well. I think it's one of my favourites, and not just because I'm in it.

This was what started the whole Weekly Strip thing for you, wasn't it?
2nd Mar, 2004 08:32 (UTC)
this is the one that's to blame. I'm running it now because I'm spending my time (at least nominally) on another project, although at this rate I'll have run out of archive material before I've even got the script finalised for it ...

Did ya see this story in the Onion, by the way ?


I'd laugh, except ...
2nd Mar, 2004 11:10 (UTC)
Re: yep
I was particularly struck by the phrase: "At that point, he got real quiet and stared into the shed for about a minute. I figure that was when it hit him."