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This morning from the train I saw a covey of red-legged partridges and a mad march hare, chasing his long shadow across the field. UKCAC diary part 4Two and four magpies promising me joy and a boy. That was the joys of spring, I guess. Ah, never mind. See instead the next blundersome page of the UKCAC diary, as the evening continues and we get ever drunker. We all get fiddlesome with the saucy Victorian-style statuettes, but it's andypop I catch best on camera. With Jez, Pete, Mitzi and (errrrrrrm) we jabber on about superhero sex theories, distracting me from my overwhelming desire to draw on the tablecloths. When they chuck us out of the dining room we sit in the foyer; by 3am it's just Matt (D'Israeli), Pete, me and the zebra left. Time to stagger to bed ... I can't remember who paid for the hotel room that turned into crash space. Probably not me.


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4th Mar, 2004 11:23 (UTC)
Kirby sex!
Now I may have the exact details wrong but I'm pretty sure the conversation ran along the lines of "What would Jack Kirby's porn comics have been like?" with Jez punching his fist in the air and shouting "POW!" (the joke, for those not in the know, being that Kirby's dramatic use of perspective meant his characters had very big fists in action poses.) From there on it just degenerated but "POW!" became something of a catchphrase for the weekend.
5th Mar, 2004 08:00 (UTC)
Re: Kirby sex!
(laughing through my hangover)
4th Mar, 2004 12:14 (UTC)
I've a horrible feeling it was ...
Generally I like to spread the credit for these things around, but I'm ashamed, mildy so but ashamed nonetheless, to say it *was* me. MotherBox and a nice Boom Tube, illustrated with massively foreshortening - well, it just sings saucy, doesn't it.

I remember Jeremy rating us all on our transvestite potential - Mitzi scored pretty low, but I had definite cleavage potential, apparently. Of course, age plays its wicked tricks and it's all headed south rather now.

5th Mar, 2004 07:59 (UTC)
I still say a wonderbra would have worked wonders
Poor Mitzi, how he pouted.

Hmm. Kirby Porn. I'd type it into google but I've a horrible feeling I'd just discover a fetish I never knew existed...
16th Jun, 2005 03:10 (UTC)
Re: I still say a wonderbra would have worked wonders
What, you're not on grannygoodness.net? MisterMiracle.com?

Jeebus, but his shit really does lend itself to porn, doesn't it?

And now I'm picture a live-action porn, where the money shot is made up entirely of Kirby Dots(tm)...
16th Jun, 2005 03:11 (UTC)
LOVE the last panel.
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