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I would like to know why would someone write this:

SKRÝTIÐ: Auglýsingaskilti fyrir Golf breytt

as a link to this picture:

the billboard down the road that always gets modified - photo by Damian Cugley


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3rd Mar, 2004 20:29 (UTC)
Malcolm (Matthew's old housemate) knows Icelandic. Do you know him?
4th Mar, 2004 01:23 (UTC)
bfrb is Icelandic. Go prod him, he's really helpful (and sweet).
4th Mar, 2004 01:39 (UTC)
I liked the billboard that was up before that one - the thought-bubble from the trendy car saying "Don't blame me for global warming; I wanted to be 18 bicycles".
4th Mar, 2004 03:47 (UTC)
i was quite enjoying this piece of subvertising, but that one appeals even more *smile*
4th Mar, 2004 05:53 (UTC)
I don't know what Auglýsingaskilti means...
... but my photo is the top hit for it on Google!
4th Mar, 2004 11:36 (UTC)
SKRÝTI: Hoarding pay lip service to Golf variable

Make any sense at all?

5th Mar, 2004 10:52 (UTC)
STRANGE: A modified advertising hoarding for a Golf.
I would guess that it was on one of those Interesting Links pages so that 'Strange' is a categorisation.
Am *so* not sweet.
7th Mar, 2004 09:58 (UTC)
ah, how ever-so logical
... I really feel that I should have guessed that!

Thank you very much; I will consider you sweet for only to the extent of having responded to this question!
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