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UKCAC diary page 5A greasy spoon, and a monument to vimto; Manchester on a sunny sunday. I'm pitifully hungover, in case that isn't immediately obvious, throughout the next page of the UKCAC diary. In panel 4 I meet, for the first time, my comics hero Eddie Campbell. If this were a story, we'd hit it off right away. But it's not; the two? three? times I've met him our conversation has been stilted and awkward. He's good in a talk, though; see him, if you get the chance. The last time I spoke to him, he was disappearing off into "working on Batman". I'm glad for his success, but also rather hoping he'll come out of that again some time, and do some of his own comics again. Don't bother trying to recognise the people in the small press panel; even I can't remember who they are. Big black birds, and an emerging nine panel grid. Variable hair ... I duck out of the small press panel early, going to run cold water over my head for about the ninth time that day. How can I stand another three hours of this? Answers on the next (last) page.


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7th Mar, 2004 17:15 (UTC)
never could get the hang of sundays
although this sunday has been saved only by having merteuil over for tea-time goodies, gossip, and a little understanding. We talked of how much we enjoy your writings and your comics, and all such things. Sunday blues are setting in now, and I'm contemplating nipping out for a bottle of wine. The weather's turned cold and dismal.
8th Mar, 2004 03:21 (UTC)
thanks for thinking of me ---
I like reading your stuff, too. Hope the wine settled the blues.
8th Mar, 2004 07:15 (UTC)
Re: thanks for thinking of me ---
It certainly helped! Now I'm just stuck with monday-morning anxiety.
8th Mar, 2004 01:22 (UTC)
I Hate Sundays Too
...apart from the papers. For one thing, it's my-mad-mother-wailing-on-the-phone day! I found that Vimto monument thing strangely disturbing. Is it 'real'? No, actually, if it is, I'm probably better off not knowing...
8th Mar, 2004 03:20 (UTC)
the vimto monument is real
... it's made of dark, polished wood, unusual in public sculpture. Manchester, according to the sign, is "the home of Vimto".
8th Mar, 2004 03:20 (UTC)
oh, sorry
you said you didn't want to know, didn't you?

Bleh. Sundays have nothing on Mondays.
8th Mar, 2004 06:05 (UTC)
I guess not everyone likes Sundays, but I have to say I like Sundays best because no one can make me do anything I don't want to do on Sundays, and they're the only day when I'm chilled out enough to do not much. Except for holidays of course. Holidays are like a whole lot of Sundays all in a row.
8th Mar, 2004 07:16 (UTC)
as a general rule
I'd agree completely. But right now I'm kind of in a pile of fug. And Sundays just feel like the day when I have to do all the chores I can't fit into the other days, and have some time to myself, and get on with whichever fifteen projects I'm working on at the moment. And maybe read a book or something. And so on.
8th Mar, 2004 07:27 (UTC)
Re: as a general rule
Actually, last night I tried to do a bit of work on something I've been procrastinatng on, but I made the mistake of trying to do it after a glass of sherry.
8th Mar, 2004 07:41 (UTC)
Over at tinyjo's last night I had a dry martini with a blue glowing ice-cube in it!

It looked very science fiction!

9th Mar, 2004 06:46 (UTC)
Brilliant - did you take a picture?

When I was a student, we had an annual SF event called the Alien Ball. Those "egg whisk and plunger daleks" never fail to light my fire.
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