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Gods of East Oxford

Titania and Tutankhamen bicker over which of them is the more powerful, worshipful and all-round godly next to Kali's draining board. It ends in a draw: Tutankhamen owns more stuff; Titania still the prettiest.

Those of you who attended a certain party in Oxford teeming with gods (and even those of you who did not) may wish to go check out the Gods of East Oxford.


9th Mar, 2004 01:23 (UTC)
"Kabuki King" is frightening!
9th Mar, 2004 02:22 (UTC)
Re: Ohhh!
What, third Dan? He's a pussy cat! .... he also had a proper name, position in the Jade Heaven, and everything, but I've forgotten. I'll ask him this evening.
9th Mar, 2004 03:22 (UTC)
'Third Dan'
...hadn't heard that nick before, but v appropriate. His or your coinage?
9th Mar, 2004 05:28 (UTC)
Re: 'Third Dan'
His -- when you phone him up, he's "third Dan" -- as in, the third Dan to join the house of Dans.