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again with the tidying

With a whole heap of deadlines and contact-mes and suchlike hovering, no surprise that I'm back again to trying to drive back the filth ... found another dust-trap lurking behind an unsold box of Superstate Funnies. Far more dust than could be accounted for by natural wastage. I'm theorising that all the monsters got dandruff, and they really like hanging out in the hall.

Trying to get my papers/materials/equipment straight is like shoring up an avalanche of wriggling kittens; everything wants attention, and wants it now. I opt for a two-pile system ("now" and "keep") but the size of pile "keep" is daunting. What to do with all the old artwork? (Burn it) The "now" pile is also intimidating, though it'll drill down if ever get the chance to sort it ... isolationist fantasies of sitting at a bare wooden desk overlooking a stormy spring sea ... when instead I should be picking up plastic bags blown into the garden and cutting back the cottoneaster from where it's obstructing access to the meter. And the fridge. It's weighing on my mind.

Had some thought of posting stuff about the UK's upcoming comics events in altcomix, stopped again by the thought that any attempt on my part to promote something is likely (if anything) to make it less popular. With that in mind, apologies to (daily toonster) David Hogg.

I wish I could laminate my life.


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15th Mar, 2004 07:38 (UTC)
I've always wondered what happens if you randomly donate pieces of old artwork to public art galleries, museums and libraries. I suppose they'd just chuck them in the bin.
15th Mar, 2004 08:13 (UTC)
I would have thought so
--- sad truth of it is that mostly everything (and everywhere) has more than enough art already.

(I've sold the odd piece over the years, but I usually find it a rather horrible experience)
15th Mar, 2004 08:50 (UTC)
Re: I would have thought so
There's this fabulous really huge antiquey shop/warehouse place back home and in one big room was all this old art (well old in NZ terms). Heaps and heaps of it. All done by complete unknowns and amateurs, some quite skillful and some more like school art lesson stuff. What I really loved was looking at it all and relating it to wider art historical trends - you could quite easily pick their influences. And they had reasonable prices on them too. I hope my piles of crap end up somewhere like that.

15th Mar, 2004 09:59 (UTC)
sounds like just the sort of shop
that I would like to run ....
15th Mar, 2004 09:19 (UTC)
i have two papers to work on, a book review due, and an exam to study for, so I expect that the house will be extremely tidy by the end of the day.
16th Mar, 2004 05:09 (UTC)
I got my floor cleared and finally got around to mucking out That Worrying Corner. How did you do?
16th Mar, 2004 07:24 (UTC)
not too bad
I scoured the bathroom (including some hands and knees scrubbing of the floor), and the kitchen, recycled about a metric ton of old magazines and junk mail, and did 5 loads of laundry. But I also finished one of the papers I had due. Overall, pretty well.
16th Mar, 2004 07:28 (UTC)
displacement and acheivement!
You rule!
15th Mar, 2004 10:09 (UTC)
Liquidate your artsettes.
Cut it into 4"x6" squares and stick it to the back of blank postcards; send them in to the shop.
16th Mar, 2004 05:11 (UTC)
Re: Liquidate your artsettes.
That's a smart idea, actually. Might help me work through the enormous piles of blank card, too ...
16th Mar, 2004 02:45 (UTC)
Trying to get my papers/materials/equipment straight is like shoring up an avalanche of wriggling kittens..
..is an exquisite analogy, which makes for a delightful mental picture.
16th Mar, 2004 05:13 (UTC)
and may shortly become an actual picture ...
18th Mar, 2004 16:41 (UTC)
unrelated gratitude

thanks for the jpg and icon, they're great <grin>

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