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those pesky kids

Came out this morning to discover the cable box had been come off the wall with enough force to fracture the cable casing beneath, and the box itself, nowhere to be found. Blaming at first poor rubbish bag placement and high winds I started looking under cars (can't leave the cables open to the elements) -- no luck ... Then struck by the thought that maybe someone had kicked it off (house right on the street) so wandered off down the pavement ... and found the cracked case just where I'd expect it to be if someone had been kicking it down the street and got bored. Out with the elephant tape, then ... at least everything still seemed to be working OK, but aaaargh! They are an annoying little row of houses, but damnit, I'm living here!

... and that's how I ended up walking to the busstop in a hailstorm. My hood was full of hail!


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23rd Mar, 2004 04:07 (UTC)
Hail in the hood
Could you leave a nice basket of poisoned gingerbread out for them?
23rd Mar, 2004 05:15 (UTC)
I think that might impact
on my police checks.

Though (on the whole) I'd probably make a better witch than youth worker.
23rd Mar, 2004 05:25 (UTC)
Re: I think that might impact
I've been thinking about leaving out poisoned gingerbread. I'm fed up with picking up empty crisp packets in my front garden. I'm sounding like a cranky old bitch! Hooray!
23rd Mar, 2004 06:29 (UTC)
Re: I think that might impact
I'd probably make a better witch than youth worker

Something to bring up at your next assessment, perhaps?

23rd Mar, 2004 06:29 (UTC)
Pesky Kids...
Never mind, the gates of hell being open and all, they'll probably get drafted and kiled off, soonish (while us old farts get to vapourise comfortably at home-)
23rd Mar, 2004 07:38 (UTC)
you do realise
you just sent me panicking over to the BBC website to see if something had happened?

(quells nuclear panic)
23rd Mar, 2004 08:16 (UTC)
Re: you do realise
Oops, sorry; I just meant the gathering Armageddon in the Middle East , Balkans heating up, spieces extinction, possible imminent explosion of Russian nukeship, etc. General entropy...
23rd Mar, 2004 08:40 (UTC)
the usual (gloom) I figured that out in the end.
23rd Mar, 2004 07:01 (UTC)
My address must come easily to the mind in a tricky situation because we keep getting love-struck students knocking asking after an Amy Someoneorother. Who of course doesnt live here; she wrong-addressed him. Several Hims. Which would be funny if he didnt REFUSE to believe it, and come back at 2 hour intervals throughtout the night.

you're a youth-worker? You werent the woman who came to Cheney handing out Survival Guides were you? *panics*
23rd Mar, 2004 07:35 (UTC)
uh ....
That would be someone else. K, if her hair was a little bit pink, one of my co-workers.

I'm not a youth worker, but my POW keeps trying to encourage me to train towards it.

Why are you panicking? Did you ask an embarassing question?
23rd Mar, 2004 08:18 (UTC)
Re: uh ....
Ceciley is scared of teachers and authority figures. When she heard I was involved in education, she panicked thinking I might be one of her teachers in disguise. At least I think that's what happened, or did I imagine it?
23rd Mar, 2004 13:38 (UTC)
I panic like an oak tree, ie not at all :D

Pink Hair Lady i heckled the evening before over her support for Galloways new party and then spent the whole of assembly in a state of shock at her re-appearing so unexpectedly. And THEN she RECOGNISED me, and i nearly ate myself with surprise.

I dont think i would be a very good youth worker, incidentally.
23rd Mar, 2004 22:27 (UTC)
I dont think i would be a very good youth worker, incidentally.

Me neither. I would probably give too many of them poisonous gingerbread.
24th Mar, 2004 13:43 (UTC)
i hate young people.
24th Mar, 2004 13:57 (UTC)
Young people are fine, as long as they remain silent at cocktail parties, smile sweetly and pass the hors d'oeuvres.
23rd Mar, 2004 07:18 (UTC)
Baseball bats on baseball caps!
23rd Mar, 2004 07:39 (UTC)
I prefer
zen and the art of conflict avoidance.
23rd Mar, 2004 08:48 (UTC)
Re: I prefer
you wouldn't popping over and sorting out those fuckwits in Israel, would you? They need a bit of that...
23rd Mar, 2004 09:50 (UTC)
my powers are not that strong
... although last night I did mostly manage to stop a very small number of 14-year-old boys from fighting with each other. Much. Go me.
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