Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
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those pesky kids

Came out this morning to discover the cable box had been come off the wall with enough force to fracture the cable casing beneath, and the box itself, nowhere to be found. Blaming at first poor rubbish bag placement and high winds I started looking under cars (can't leave the cables open to the elements) -- no luck ... Then struck by the thought that maybe someone had kicked it off (house right on the street) so wandered off down the pavement ... and found the cracked case just where I'd expect it to be if someone had been kicking it down the street and got bored. Out with the elephant tape, then ... at least everything still seemed to be working OK, but aaaargh! They are an annoying little row of houses, but damnit, I'm living here!

... and that's how I ended up walking to the busstop in a hailstorm. My hood was full of hail!
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