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movie scenes/inky fingers

I unexpectedly found a new art-shop down an alleyaway in Witney. It had angled pen nibs, which seem to give an intriguingly bouncy line. Can't use them for WOM (firmly into a 3-nib approach, none with a similar line to these) but may use them for Mildred Curfew, depending ...

Last weekend I ended up ranting about the wheelbarrow scene in the original Dawn of the Dead, and how good it was. The remake has it (and everything else about the original movie, for that matter) spattered messily across multiple characters and scenes, though (entertainingly) one of the scenes in question is Max Headroom dying of a zombie bite. "N-n-n-n-n-n-n-nooo it m-makes p-p-p-p-perfect sense to lock me this room with an overexcited m-m-m-m-make-up artist." It's kind of a teenage date movie, starring a cheap-rent Una Thurman-a-like blood-spattered blonde, some rapper being socially relevant and Ving Rhames in a comedy moustache, and a whole crowd of just-plain-folks-lahk-us, aw shucks. They played Christina Aguillera to us while we were waiting for it to start. The whole room was full of the sound of goths in silent pain.

In the end I bought Subway and Labyrinth in the HMV sale. So, who wants my old VHS of Labyrinth, then?

In other news, holy crap, that must look pretty strange.


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8th Apr, 2004 06:09 (UTC)
Maybe me - although I'm not sure that I'd rather have it on DVD myself - means a trip into Brighton to their HMV though... (ponders).
8th Apr, 2004 07:27 (UTC)
there's a postal strike on in Oxford at the moment, so no rush to decide -- nothing's getting sent off till that settles.

8th Apr, 2004 07:02 (UTC)
Not to mention FEEL strange. Like having something in your eye all the time. FUN!
8th Apr, 2004 09:02 (UTC)
Looking at that eye thing made my eyes water. But then looking at people's eyebrow piercings does that, for some strange reason.
8th Apr, 2004 09:44 (UTC)
I thought you were going to give it to your sister? You could wrap it up as an easter egg?
8th Apr, 2004 09:46 (UTC)
My 5th year biology is probably letting me down here but wouldn't this affect the person's vision in some way? Lovehearts too, jeez.

Sidebar: I had an eye test recently, and it was a v intimate experience: someone you can't see breathing close to your face in a pitch dark room, shining a little torch so you can see the veins of your retina projected like a huge forest. Highly recommended!
8th Apr, 2004 10:14 (UTC)
That eye thing is just gross.. note the red veins in the photo. I get them just from wearing contact lenses for too long.
What sick sod would have invented it I wonder?
8th Apr, 2004 11:39 (UTC)
What I don't understand is why someone hasn't come up with an edible dye to turn your skin an all-over different color for a week or two. It seems well within the range of scientific achievability, and I think it would be cool to be able to change your skin color on a regular basis.

Any scientists out there want to help me realitize this concept? We'll make a million!

8th Apr, 2004 17:58 (UTC)
Potential market...but
I think the trend is towards more frequent and faster changes of personal fashion ... a different skin colour for a few weeks may take/last too long.

Also - if people really want a different skin colour, they could just as easily contract jaundice or something. ;-)
8th Apr, 2004 20:58 (UTC)
Re: Potential market...but
Jaundice is way too subtle. I'm talking about tomato reds, indigo blues, fuschia purples! Dye your skin to coordinate with your hair, then wear reflective contact lenses so you can see your own glory reflected back to you a million-fold every time you look in the mirror! The possibilities are endless. Of course, there may be a few problems with liver cancer and bladder failure here or there, but who gives two snaps for that when one has the chance to grasp such *coolness*???

8th Apr, 2004 22:07 (UTC)
Re: Potential market...but
Yeah, I should put you in touch with the people who want to market a 'safe' diet pill derived from e coli or salmonella. ;-)

8th Apr, 2004 23:39 (UTC)
Re: Potential market...but
Forget the e coli. Let's get straight back to tapeworms in a gelatin capsule, shall we? ;-)

9th Apr, 2004 15:10 (UTC)
Re: Potential market...but
I've always secretly wanted a tape-worm.
9th Apr, 2004 15:13 (UTC)
Re: Potential market...but
Me too. Cheaper than stomach stapling, at any rate.

13th Apr, 2004 02:51 (UTC)
dogs make better pets
... and burn calories, as you have to walk them.

Honestly, you worry me sometimes you really do ;)
8th Apr, 2004 19:03 (UTC)
Apparently here in Chicago they colour the water of the main river flowing through town to green for St Patrick's day. They did it in Las Vegas at the Bellagio too. Why don't we do things like that in the UK ? Changing the environment for frolics and fun..
9th Apr, 2004 15:13 (UTC)
The artist that installed The Weather Project at the Tate occassionally dyes rivers interesting colours then takes pictures of how people interact with it. But the only example cited was in Iceland, i think. Or maybe there was one in Yorkshire...
8th Apr, 2004 17:56 (UTC)
that eye
yuck! I mean sure, it's kindda cute, but distracting from seeing the person's eye, and is a wholely uncomfortable-sounding procedure to me.

That said, given the extent of popular unnecessary surgery in China for things like better English pronounciation, or tattoo-ing in permanent cosmetics into the eyelid or eyebrows, or the old tradition of bound-feet ... it shouldn't come as a surprise at all.
11th Apr, 2004 07:03 (UTC)
If it ain't broke...
...don't dick with it.

Far better to spend a little bit of money on cool films like Subway. :-)
11th Apr, 2004 07:22 (UTC)
mildred curfew?????
13th Apr, 2004 05:24 (UTC)
... and her magic pencil. New strip.
13th Apr, 2004 02:09 (UTC)
That eye piercing must be a leftover April Fool. If not, then... *shudder*
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