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movie scenes/inky fingers

I unexpectedly found a new art-shop down an alleyaway in Witney. It had angled pen nibs, which seem to give an intriguingly bouncy line. Can't use them for WOM (firmly into a 3-nib approach, none with a similar line to these) but may use them for Mildred Curfew, depending ...

Last weekend I ended up ranting about the wheelbarrow scene in the original Dawn of the Dead, and how good it was. The remake has it (and everything else about the original movie, for that matter) spattered messily across multiple characters and scenes, though (entertainingly) one of the scenes in question is Max Headroom dying of a zombie bite. "N-n-n-n-n-n-n-nooo it m-makes p-p-p-p-perfect sense to lock me this room with an overexcited m-m-m-m-make-up artist." It's kind of a teenage date movie, starring a cheap-rent Una Thurman-a-like blood-spattered blonde, some rapper being socially relevant and Ving Rhames in a comedy moustache, and a whole crowd of just-plain-folks-lahk-us, aw shucks. They played Christina Aguillera to us while we were waiting for it to start. The whole room was full of the sound of goths in silent pain.

In the end I bought Subway and Labyrinth in the HMV sale. So, who wants my old VHS of Labyrinth, then?

In other news, holy crap, that must look pretty strange.


8th Apr, 2004 09:46 (UTC)
My 5th year biology is probably letting me down here but wouldn't this affect the person's vision in some way? Lovehearts too, jeez.

Sidebar: I had an eye test recently, and it was a v intimate experience: someone you can't see breathing close to your face in a pitch dark room, shining a little torch so you can see the veins of your retina projected like a huge forest. Highly recommended!