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no time to go to the movies

Or go shopping for Tank Girl Boots, or watch Black Books, or finish my Annual Report.timekeeper On the way to the busstop I noticed my watch had lost three minutes again and wrote up the rest of what I was thinking on the bus, in the tiny sketchpad. I'd work it up into some proper artwork but I just don't have the time. Some of the time I didn't have I spent watching Shaun of the Dead, and after that we went to a pub, because we had to. We tried to go to The Grapes, because that seemed pretty defensible, but there wasn't any space (full of zombies already) and it smelt really nasty, so we wound up at the usual. It was great, of course (the movie, not the pub) but you knew that. And we got a decent selection of music played beforehand and the extra long Van Helsing trailer. Growl!

Work didn't go so well, report writing just making me feel sort of matt-black-flat-pack (be depressed, be desired), but on the bright side while trying to look up a good link for green growing things I found that someone has invented concrete you can plant trees on.


16th Apr, 2004 03:59 (UTC)
Roy Harper put me off watches for life...
...as an impressionable teen with that line about 'how does it feel with your god strapped to your wrist...'

I love this strip - I'm really envious of your colours lately...

16th Apr, 2004 05:20 (UTC)
Re: Roy Harper put me off watches for life...
the colour's pretty strightforward, really -- just a web safe palette on a multiply layer over the inks, saved as a gif to keep the colours bright. I used to be a lot more complicated with the colour, but, you know -- no time.