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Rather unexpectedly, I just ran into Jez (that's him there, panel 2 (top right), first from the left -- his hair's shorter now!) in the street. (Here for an ACCU conference, see his blog for details.) He says that Oxford is a nice place to visit but he wouldn't want to live here ... and that my journal gives the impression that I'm constantly on the edge of a precipice, about to go over the edge.

So, here's a question: how can I make myself appear more sane?



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16th Apr, 2004 07:51 (UTC)
why would you WANT to make yourself appear more sane???
16th Apr, 2004 08:10 (UTC)
I'm mostly worried
that I am appearing to be crazier than I am. I wouldn't want to give a false impression.
16th Apr, 2004 08:13 (UTC)
Re: I'm mostly worried
Nah!! that guy is over-reacting. (of course, I'm mental myself, so what do I know?)
16th Apr, 2004 08:00 (UTC)
marstokyo beat me to it...
Why indeed? The appearance of sanity is over-rated.

16th Apr, 2004 08:11 (UTC)
Re: marstokyo beat me to it...
so I should just give up and project looniness from every pore?
16th Apr, 2004 08:30 (UTC)
Re: marstokyo beat me to it...
"Sane" would be boring. I suspect it involves everyday stuff with no relish, kinda like, "I've just eaten some crisps"
How dull. Don't go there!
16th Apr, 2004 08:32 (UTC)
Re: marstokyo beat me to it...
mmm, crisps.
16th Apr, 2004 11:41 (UTC)
well it sure beats...
going mad tryna prove you ain't going mad...

16th Apr, 2004 08:51 (UTC)
I suggest posting a special entry to which all your friends contribute (several pages of) testimonials to your sanity, each of which explains at great length how you hadn't asked them to do this - it's just that they had to tell the world about the sanest person they know.

For extra effect, you should post a reply to it yourself attacking one of the contributors for implying something dubious about your mental state which no-one else will be able to see when they go back and reread that person's text.

16th Apr, 2004 09:38 (UTC)
testimonials to my sanity
.... now we're getting somewhere!
16th Apr, 2004 11:46 (UTC)
the people who always appear least insane to me...
are those who go on endlessly about how barmy, bonkers or doo-lally they are. "I'm so bonkers I had ice cream BEFORE my tea last night - certifiable is what I am they're coming to take me away aha" so you could just go on about how mad you are - put a banner up saying you don't have to be mad to blog here but it helps etc...
18th Apr, 2004 13:08 (UTC)
Re: the people who always appear least insane to me...
so if I say, "I'm mad, me," lots, I won't appear mad then?

Why do I get the feeling that could blow up in my face?
17th Apr, 2004 06:18 (UTC)
Wasn't it Virginia Woolf who said that there is a danger of getting into a habit of "recording one particular kind of mood", and presenting an unbalanced portrait? Youre probably just doing that.
19th Apr, 2004 02:26 (UTC)
mmm, thanks
That's actually a really interesting response.

(thinking about that now)
18th Apr, 2004 14:16 (UTC)
I did say precipice, but I didn't say of what
I'd like to clarify that we have known each other, intermittently, for a number of years, I'm not just some random internet stalker. I did indeed say precipice, but I didn't mean that going over meant going insane. I just meant that there's a hint of danger almost constantly in the air here - that something sudden may happen, a secret will be revealed, a door closed, a manhole ripped open - and that seems to be both exciting and tiring. Of course, I'm probably overintellectualising massively, but I said it and it's true.

19th Apr, 2004 02:25 (UTC)
--- I probably should have pointed that out myself, sorry -- rest assured that if anyone had started being seriously mean about you I'd have jumped in and started defending your honour quite flash-like.

Thanks for the clarification -- my interest in the question is (and remains) genuine, as other people have said similar things to me.

Oh, and nice to see you, btw -- looking well, if a little wide-eyed!
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