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x-authentication-warning : basalt gingko

Urgh ... i-movie frame grabbing gives me the bleurghs. Sifting through someone else's hand-held pottering, looking for the shots that say something, fighting off the seasickness, while she says, "I think I saw something then". Freeze. Frame. It is easier when there isn't a shoulder driver, but at least when I've got one I don't trance out, which is good as with *that* screen I'll just get a migraine.

Wolfgang Tilmans does the page 3 shot for G2: "Sexuality is one of the few things that is absolutely free - sex can sell, but sex between two people isn't marketable. It's the one thing that people can do for fun for free. A lot of people have a problem with this - they think sexuality needs to be controlled." Read on, work safe.

I am fickle. I have shifted my affections from Lord Il Palazzo (Excel Saga) to Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown). He's a bit young, but a very snappy dresser, and has so many neat toys. Giant robots! Transformerbots! Chameleonbots! And you have to admire his pick-up technique; he kidnaps Kimiko (heroine) with a helicopter backpack remote-controlled straightjacket, puts her in a giant golden birdcage and then challenges her to a game of minecreeper when he gets back from conquering the world, while sending her robot double to beat up her friends (the other heroes -- annoying). Oh, and he works with a floating purple mask-faced ghost hag called Wuya! who sounds eerily reminiscent of Hexidecimal ...

You know, when I was a kid, dress-up did not include coloured contact lenses. Got to admit, though, the results are rather cool.

Page seven and counting on WoM. Sylvia goes commando; Aphra gets a nice cup of tea.


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19th Apr, 2004 07:15 (UTC)
Jack Spicer
What great teeth! I have to go draw someone with teeth like that...
19th Apr, 2004 07:31 (UTC)
Re: Jack Spicer
he likes the evil laugh (so you see his teeth a lot)
21st Apr, 2004 09:31 (UTC)
Thanks for the Wolfgang Tilmans pointer
Thanks for the pointer to the Tilmans essay ... I'm impressed by theidea of a Franz Ferdinand special version of G2, but I'll have to look in to it at home... :-)
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