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what do you wear to do yours? / no spam falls unnoticed

Dem was asking people how they blogged, which turned into "what do you wear" sort of fast. Here's what he made of my blogsuit; big pants! I should really dig out the old user icon of me sat at the computer with fairy lights wrapped round my head ...

Though I told Dem I wore fairy lights, pants and my panther wrap (if cold) that's not really going to be true (looks at the clock) at this time of day, is it? No, I'm wearing trousers and vague guilt, same as usual.

I ought to bring in an emergency work set of fairy lights.

And while we're at work, I've just discovered my spam is now being filtered through two different detectors, now, and that one of them feels qualified to tell me what is and is not profane. Ugh. Something about the word "profanity" really, really gets my back up. It's god-fearing-american talk, I'm-virtuous-and-you're-damned talk. Anyway, here's what the service desk said to me:

Subject: Profanity to recipient

Inappropriate language has been detected in an e-mail message sent to you with subject of "will you fuck me please?" from [deleted]

I really think that I could have figured that out for myself. Never mind. What with the automatic bounce messages from the filtering, I'm sure to hear from them again.

And again, and again, and again.

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