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Last night I discovered the danger of being too moody. I posted to dropandgiveme50, giving my mood as "down the pub". A little later, jinty called me, and asked, "are you really down the pub?" poets and revolutionaries I wasn't when she called me, but about ten minutes later, I was. Beer in the sunshine with the sky getter bluer into night. Mm.

So I was late getting started on this week's strip, but I did have a head full of sunshine. Enjoy.


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23rd Apr, 2004 02:26 (UTC)
Wonderful.. as usual.

I think my whole childhood was doing things I never really understood (socially - I understood school work OK!)

We had the class thing in reverse - we were posh-ish but we spent a year in east Kilbride waiting for the new house my parents had designed to be built. My mother was so appalled at living in the "new town" that she refused to put curtains up, lest people think we actually lived there. True.
23rd Apr, 2004 03:51 (UTC)
what, you mean
"we're not living here, we're just staying here".

I remember that from the bungalow ...
23rd Apr, 2004 05:10 (UTC)
That is stunning. The colour, the story, everything works together perfectly.
23rd Apr, 2004 05:40 (UTC)
Re: thanks
thank you!
23rd Apr, 2004 05:27 (UTC)
Paris awaits!!! I love it!
23rd Apr, 2004 06:45 (UTC)
paris shall be mine!
23rd Apr, 2004 06:38 (UTC)
excellent work :)
23rd Apr, 2004 06:46 (UTC)
why thankyou
23rd Apr, 2004 08:09 (UTC)
ooh eer
I'm not sure why but I'm mildly shocked by the notion that you used to be a little girl in a bright pink dress.
23rd Apr, 2004 08:17 (UTC)
still have it
... last time my mum came to visit, she brought her usual bag of stuff that used to be mine, and there it was. It used to go with a pair of flared pink trousers with embroidery up the seams (it's really a smock, you couldn't wear it on its own) but they've long gone -- I'm (still) rough on trousers. And damiancugley's mum made it into a cushion cover for me. If we were any more domestic we'd be fowl.
23rd Apr, 2004 09:57 (UTC)
So purty kullers!
Did kids really play 'revolutionaries & poets?' If so, I'm really, really impressed. I spent most of my childhood not understanding the rules of crap prole games I was always tying to join in,to be 'normal'. Never quite made it...especially the rope-skipping and chanting stuff.
26th Apr, 2004 06:05 (UTC)
real or not real?
Maybe kids did, but not with me. It's based mostly on one the variations on a run/catch game called 40/40 which was popular at my school -- it was rather dangerous, my little sister broke her arm playing it under circumstances she still can't really explain.

The posh house, the lovely garden, the friendly children -- all fantasy, I'm afraid. When I was six, what actually happened was my parents moved to a tiny cottage in the muddy middle of nowhere. The two-three other children my age in the village couldn't even read, let alone make up interesting games. I missed my friends from town, and imagined they were still there, but in time I forgot all their names. If I put dedications on my strips, this one would be to them.

23rd Apr, 2004 10:14 (UTC)
That looks like the sort of beautiful colourful illustration that makes selling a children's book incredibly easy. Is that on the agenda at all?
26th Apr, 2004 06:06 (UTC)
Not at the moment. I might make some tea towels, though.
23rd Apr, 2004 11:13 (UTC)
You wonderfully capture the world from a child's mind & eye. :-)

Things do seem so fresh, sharp, & new in youth, don't they?
26th Apr, 2004 06:07 (UTC)
fresh, sharp, & new
I just copied the colours as I saw them. Oxford in April is very lovely this year :)
26th Apr, 2004 06:42 (UTC)
Re: fresh, sharp, & new
My favourite place for Spring! :-) (even with sneezes and pouring eyes)
23rd Apr, 2004 12:43 (UTC)
Every time I read your latest strip I think 'this is one of her best', but I truly loved this one massively, simply marvellous. I'm gushing now, but... oh heck, I'm just going to say I love it again using different words!
- Garen.
26th Apr, 2004 06:08 (UTC)
Oh, thankyou! Hello Garen!
23rd Apr, 2004 12:46 (UTC)
me again
P.S - sorry to comment again straight away, but I like the way, once you've posted a comment, the page says 'Success' as if you've just completed one of the Twelve Tasks. I'm having another go! :-)
- G.
25th Apr, 2004 02:00 (UTC)
An unrelated link...
26th Apr, 2004 06:10 (UTC)
Re: An unrelated link...
thank you thank you for that

"Jack decorated Pel as Christmas tree.
Then his friend in Angola sweater came to join.
But why he brought a megaphone?"

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