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I think I shall have to christen 2004 as the year of falling over. Did it again yesterday -- this time down the steps in The Turf, quite hard enough to break bits of me, though fortunately my self-preservation skills seem yet undimmed, and I escaped with just bruises and scrapes (including one in the exact shape of the change I had in my hip pocket) and a twinge in my little finger but pfeh, what do I use that for? Typing careful of the black shadows on my wrists and elbows; you'd think that the pub would be one of the better places to get injured, but in the flush of first summer they'd run out of ice, and there were no paper towels in the bathroom, just hot-air-blowers (with the air already hot, doubly pointless).

Then I watched Kill Bill Vol 2, which disappointed me. As Damian put it, "craggy men in cowboy hats talk talk talk".

The creeping things are awake again.

Otherwise, in order: met many new and also wonderful people in a restaurant that was daytime downstairs when it was nighttime outside, Star Wars the Animated Series continues to be cool and so much better than the movies, someone (so kind!) donated some lovely Lord of the Rings box-sets to the Oxfam Bookshop, Animal Collective sounded like a complex 3d landscape segment in Italian flag colours (not Mexican flag) with gold crashes occasionally obliterating the view, Mùm were lovely but would have been better if I had been listening to them while reclining on soft pillows staring at underwater lights, finished WoM rather sweary and tense and later discovered we hadn't got the arts grant after all *sigh*, there was a magnificently big spider in the cable boxes but it is terribly outnumbered by all the gakky aphids on all the new growth of the ivy, we saw the episode of The Powerpuff Girls where Bubbles learns how to swear (hahaha), ran into Charvy and Jason fresh from being married in India still jetlagged and hennaed and smelling of turmeric paste, and oh beer is good when the sun is shining.

I just remembered that I have a fan :)


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26th Apr, 2004 09:00 (UTC)
You have a fan
Indeed - keep up the lovely work on the weekly strips!
26th Apr, 2004 14:47 (UTC)
... keep on keeping me cool!
26th Apr, 2004 09:31 (UTC)
I thought Mum were pretty damn spcial whilst leaning against a sub-woofer, but that's just me. The new CD is lovely.
26th Apr, 2004 14:46 (UTC)
oh yeah
they were lovely, all right -- subwoofer or no ;)
28th Apr, 2004 04:07 (UTC)
Mum or Lydia Lunch? - i chose Great Aunty Lydia
Owing to an enormous upsurge in concert fabulousness availability in Brighton i have had to make some hard choices - I know that Mum will come back to Brighton again and again cos of the Fat Cat connection so i decided on the full-on assault of Lydia plus one bloke out of Gallon Drunk (remember them?) and Terry Edwards (Jimi Tenor) on sax. and wowsa. in a cabaret type venue dead centre and three tables away Lydia stared right at me and my pint of guiness: you will not/ be coming/home/ with me/tonight... you will never/ look into/ my eyes/again/this is/The End... and with two one-fingered gestures and a smashed glass of brandy, it was all over. crikey. (er... she did play some other songs as well.)
28th Apr, 2004 14:19 (UTC)
ooooh I was jealous about that gig!
... well, those gigs, really -- she also went to Bristol and I heard all about that on Livejournal, too. Good choice; if she'd been up against Mum in Oxford, er, I'd probably have seen less of my friends that night (or maybe just a different subset ....)
29th Apr, 2004 02:22 (UTC)
Re: ooooh I was jealous about that gig!
You would have delighted in the appreciative atmosphere. I did. For Lydia, I had to go alone but sat amongst tables of (mainly) women who were just so completely energised by it all - better than making someone i knew go against their will. Someone told me how Lydia has a cable teevee program on a public access channel in New York - I can only begin to imagine how wonderful that might be.
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