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alabaster skin (and not in a good way)

You read in the romantic poems about beautiful ladies with alabaster skin and assume it must mean pale, delicate, translucent, and then you see the alabaster statues in the British Museum and they're translucent alright but also a horrible, raw-meatish sort of mottled red/pink/off-white -- exactly the colour of my knee, in fact. I've been bruised before, but these are horrible. Look horrible, feel horrible. Especially the wrist, which is aggravated most of all by typing, opening doors, standing up on the bus and those exact small movements required for shading in jumpers in comics. I wish I'd set Mildred in summer. Oh well, at least fairyland contains practically no shading ...

I went looking for cool gel packs. Did they get declared unsafe while I wasn't looking or is their complete absence from anywhere I was looking just more evidence that the universe hates me? And yes, Doctor, I know that they are NO SUBSTITUTE for real ice, but my fridge is STILL not working so, no ice, and nowhere to chill hot/cool pads either. I was running my wrist under the tap, but the skin started objecting, so now I have eczma *and* bruises. Whiiiiiiiiiiine.

Oh, and the post was late today, so my replacement Palm (I gave up on Palm Service on the third incomprehensible email) will be languishing in a depot somewhere. Probably somewhere only accessible by car. I had this fantasy on the way to the busstop and work that the refridgerator repair man would turn up just in time to sign for the Palm parcel. Ha ha ha. Not likely.

It looks like being a soggy May Morning here, rain raining. No stars bright for Beltane night. Fortunately I videoed May Morning two years ago, so if I don't feel like going down to the bridge to watch choir boys sing tomorrow morning at 6am I don't have to. I forgot to buy Lily-of-the-valley ink. I need a bath. Do I have enough coffee and cartoons to keep my friends awake all night?

Julia and Dan are both very tan ... and tomorrow, should I wear silk pajamas or a cocktail dress? Dresses are better in wet weather, I should probably wear the dress, but ugh, tights ... my feet got wet today even though I polished my shoes.

I'm sure I could complain more if I tried.
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