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still sleeping

Walked out of the house deeply unconvinced at the idea of getting up today. It was almost raining, occasional circles in the puddles but not enough to clean the street. There was a bus at the busstop. I won't run, I thought, and another one turned up just as the first one pulled away. It smelt powerfully of urine, and the windows were so fogged you couldn't see outside except in odd smeared glimpses. As I sat down I was tapped on the shoulder, despite the fact that the only person sat behind me was a scary beardy staring man, and he was sat over six feet away. I thought about stories. I'd seen someone who looked like my muse last friday, crossing the bridge in the opposite direction, but there had been too much traffic for me to be sure. Good thing if it was; I thought he'd left town. I have a lot on, I need him. As I stepped off the bus, next to the Council Tax Office, I noticed the ground was vibrating, a deep, rolling motion that reminded me of an engine turning over. After six steps it faded, but I was still unnerved as I stood at the crossing, buses seething by like wet walls. I'm wearing a jumper, the really red one. It goes with my hair.

At work, I tried again to drink my Afternoon Tea in the morning, but it just didn't appeal. It's stopped raining.


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4th May, 2004 04:20 (UTC)
It was raining quite hard this morning, but now the sun is out and I want to go out to the park and make daisy chains.
4th May, 2004 05:55 (UTC)
yes, it went sunny for lunchtime here, too. And for just a little bit, sunny and raining lightly, it looked like falling glitter.

I think that the daisies would be soggy, but I really like your fish.
4th May, 2004 05:13 (UTC)
Spooky Days
I get the rolling ground thing,too,and sometimes it feels sort of rubbery, like walking on a trampoline.
It's clearning up bit, here; more rain & high winds due any time, though.
4th May, 2004 06:02 (UTC)
Re: Spooky Days
I had this thought of underground council machinery, grinding very slow and inefficient.
4th May, 2004 08:13 (UTC)
Re: Spooky Days
Where do you get off your bus? A mate worked at the Bod and gave me a tour of the place and there's a wee train for transporting books that passes under the road.

4th May, 2004 08:57 (UTC)
Re: Spooky Days
How wonderful! Nowhere near the Bod, I'm afraid -- right on Carfax corner, give or take. I keep meaning to go down on a tour, but not got round to it yet ...
4th May, 2004 09:17 (UTC)
Re: Spooky Smell?
There's a spot near the Bod where if you stand in the right place you can smell the smell of old books wafting up from the vaults below. How cool is that? I've tried to show it to other peeps but they say I'm making it up. (I ain't, they've just got no sense of smell!)

Perhaps the quiverings are the stirrings of a great BiblioMonster, hatched from a tiny bookworm but now grown huge and angry at the fall in literacy in the modern world, ready to crawl out from the underground tunnels and wreak paper-cut mayhem on the txt crazed masses!

Or maybe it's just damp. (Sigh!)
4th May, 2004 09:35 (UTC)
the place where you can smell the books
Where's the spot? Can you describe it?

If there's a BiblioMonster down there, I think it would have to be amphibian.
5th May, 2004 00:06 (UTC)
Re: the place where you can smell the books
Well, it's been a long time, so I dunno if it still whiffs. Well...
...standing with your back to the posh college (All Souls?) with the Bod on your left, at the edge of the path by the grass you should see a vent set in the ground. (In the grass bit I think.) If you stand at just the right angle to be in line with the waft coming out of it you'll catch a distinct smell of old books. Ya need a good nose, not everyone can pick it up.
I hope it's still there, or they haven't changed their air-con or summat, it was cool!
5th May, 2004 03:05 (UTC)
Re: Spooky Smell?
That is, when I say Bod, I mean the rotunda bit of Bod on your left, and the squarer entrancy bit on your right. (Before anyone pulls me up on Bod confusion!)
Well, ya get the idea anyway...
4th May, 2004 09:00 (UTC)
it seems only fair to add that
there is a standard debunk of weird underground vibrations which more-or-less works in this circumstance. Lots of our paving slabs (those certainly) are the loose slabs over sand variety (this is to allow for the flexing caused by Oxford subsiding steadily into its own mud). In wet conditions, this sand becomes waterlogged and can become liquid (producing the exciting jet-of-freezing-sandy-water-up-your-trouser-leg effect). Liquid sand can easily pick up nearby vibrations ... from an idling stopped bus, for example.
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