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Happy Beltane

from the Janus Cat

I'm unwordy today, but there are other ways to say things colourful, furry, tetchy and mean and moody.


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6th May, 2004 17:46 (UTC)
love the one you posted to color_theory but it's too good for them over there!
7th May, 2004 02:43 (UTC)
Cute, aren't they? I'm going through a bit of a toothpick phase.
7th May, 2004 05:43 (UTC)
very cute. I thought they were bottle openers (the teeth)
7th May, 2004 06:27 (UTC)
they're too small for that
-- their little heads are only a couple of centimetres across.
7th May, 2004 06:58 (UTC)
Re: they're too small for that
so pétit!!!
6th May, 2004 17:54 (UTC)
Regarding 'furry'
I really need to get my mind out of the gutter ... and that is all I'm going to say about that very nice and powerful image. Ahem.

(go back about your business now)
7th May, 2004 02:44 (UTC)
Re: Regarding 'furry'
Perhaps it would help if I explained that the image is a close-up of a halloween toy? A holiday dangler, to be exact. Oh dear, no, that didn't help, did it...
7th May, 2004 07:31 (UTC)
Re: Regarding 'furry'
LOL! :-) (no, that didn't)

Just tell me if I am solitarily gutter-minded on this image. Maybe you had better not. ;-)
9th May, 2004 04:34 (UTC)
It's deliberately suggestive. I alwys try to give them eye-openers in the texture as it can all get a bit serious over there ...

Mr Hell is a sweetie (a soft toy with cloven feet!) and I should probably do a portrait series of him (and maybe his friend huggable Baron Samedi, too).
7th May, 2004 05:48 (UTC)
have you
got your shiny new palm yet?
7th May, 2004 06:20 (UTC)
Re: have you
yes, and my life is now no longer in ruins. I even nearly have a working fridge!
7th May, 2004 06:00 (UTC)
Lovely Objects
'JanusCat' is gorgeous. I want. Where's it from? Toothpicks are excellent,too; mildly frightening. Which is good-
7th May, 2004 06:24 (UTC)
Re: Lovely Objects
I found him in a christmas market on a stall full of strange painted wooden ornaments. Hand-painted butterflies and stars and things. At the moment the market is a bit dull, and I've not sen the ornaments man for a while. They may be back again next year.
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