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Dennis loves MinnieTo be honest, I've lost count of how behind I am with this week's strip, but here's Dennis ♥ Minnie, anyway, with apologies in advance to Americans and other people who never read The Beano as a kid and have therefore never heard of Dennis the Menace* or Minnie the Minx.

I wrote this last summer when the shops were full of stripy tops and black shorts and I saw not a few people walking around looking a lot how I always thought Minnie and Dennis might turn out, but didn't really hit the right romantic vibe to draw it up till I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Nice film; I also saw Van Helsing over the weekend, and that's a lot of fun, too. In a different way. I coloured in on paper rather than with the computer and paid the price in ugly compression, *sigh*. Compare the strip with the larger panel, right. EDIT Dennis in the bathroom.The smaller version is cruelly lossy. But that's how it goes.

*No, not the irritating blonde kid. This guy.


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10th May, 2004 15:19 (UTC)
Dennis the Menace...
Another stop on the fine tradition of UK/US media icons being translated oddly...and badly.
10th May, 2004 15:26 (UTC)
Re: Dennis the Menace...
paralell evolution does funny things. It's amusing that neither can claim seniority, either ...
Indeed - applez - 10th May, 2004 15:58 (UTC) - Expand
Re: Indeed - cleanskies - 10th May, 2004 16:04 (UTC) - Expand
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10th May, 2004 16:03 (UTC)
but i always thought Dennis would end up with Walter the softy - all that aggression was an obvious cover up for his true feelings, and Walter looked like he loved a bit of rough.
10th May, 2004 16:07 (UTC)
Walter did keep on coming back ...

To tell the truth, I wouldn't be surprised if Dennis had, er, Tendencies (or had even been through a phase) but I would expect Walter would get sick of his lowbrow ways and head off to uni. Plug, now, maybe. (The tall one from the Bash Street kids).
Re: well, - badasstronaut - 11th May, 2004 02:42 (UTC) - Expand
their flat isn't big enough - cleanskies - 11th May, 2004 02:45 (UTC) - Expand
10th May, 2004 19:08 (UTC)
Yeah, no worries
I suspected as much. :-)

But if you knew US Dennis slightly better, you'd probably agree.
10th May, 2004 23:26 (UTC)
Eek! Knife in toaster always makes me panic-stricken. I think I was warned about that a few too many times.
11th May, 2004 02:26 (UTC)
Re: Brilliant!
... I think I was trying to make a point about gung-ho housekeeping there, probably. I must say I do tend to fish out stuck toast with cutlery, even though I know that you shouldn't ...
Re: Brilliant! - badasstronaut - 11th May, 2004 02:39 (UTC) - Expand
you must be more dextrous than me - cleanskies - 11th May, 2004 02:47 (UTC) - Expand
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wood spreading knife - cleanskies - 13th May, 2004 04:16 (UTC) - Expand
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it's OK - cleanskies - 13th May, 2004 07:43 (UTC) - Expand
11th May, 2004 00:16 (UTC)
Hmm... I was just thinking - it seems to be the season for alternative love affairs between fictional characters. And my next thought was - oh my goodness - have I been writing slash?
11th May, 2004 02:27 (UTC)
er ...
try not to think about it
YIKES! - badasstronaut - 11th May, 2004 02:39 (UTC) - Expand
cartoons are a bit different - cleanskies - 11th May, 2004 02:49 (UTC) - Expand
Re: cartoons are a bit different - badasstronaut - 11th May, 2004 02:52 (UTC) - Expand
11th May, 2004 00:22 (UTC)
Awwww sweet. :-)
I always liked Dennis and Minnie. :-)
11th May, 2004 02:28 (UTC)
me too
-- good sense of style, no-nonsense attitude, cool hair, great shoes, what's not to like?
11th May, 2004 02:44 (UTC)
very much like Dennis ♥ Minnie *smile*

you read hothead paisan? something in the style of D♥M reminded me...
11th May, 2004 02:52 (UTC)
hothead paisan
You bet! I love Hothead --- yeah, I suppose Minnie does have a bit of the look of my old character Hey Luv! who was a bit of a hothead sort --- wow! Googling for it reminds me it once in the back of Roberta Gregory's Naughty Bits. Damn, I've missed that off my last two CVs ...
Re: hothead paisan - archontic - 12th May, 2004 09:24 (UTC) - Expand
Re: hothead paisan - cleanskies - 12th May, 2004 10:38 (UTC) - Expand
11th May, 2004 05:34 (UTC)
I laughed out loud then sighed. I dunno - you just keep making magical stuff. Thank you!

Dem (trying very hard not to just gush like Walter...)

PS Somebody must do Dennis and Walter's Portillo moment.
11th May, 2004 05:44 (UTC)
Re: Fantastic!
you big softie!
12th May, 2004 04:14 (UTC)
I really liked this a lot
A little slice of British comics, in a strangely sweet way.
14th May, 2004 13:24 (UTC)
Ok, two things. I see you are using the "curly elbows" as I call them. I too have succumbed to that particular affectation. Also the sound effect "sneaky sneak". Love it.
16th May, 2004 14:40 (UTC)
curly elbows
I'm still in two minds about them but sometimes they seem just right.
26th May, 2004 02:20 (UTC)
Dennis the Menace on wikipedia
Via LinkMachineGo's link to this strip: Wikipedia has descriptions of Dennis and Minnie.
20th Nov, 2006 02:48 (UTC)
Dennis Hearts Minnie
That was beautiful, in its old-school Beano way. I'll never be able to imagine Dennis and Minnie as adults any other way again.
19th Dec, 2008 13:12 (UTC)
iz beautiful, really
made me a little teary eyed
you should do one with the bash street kids
19th Dec, 2008 13:51 (UTC)
return to bash street
Ah, that would be sobering. Who would still be there?

Who would have become a teacher?
Re: return to bash street - tapered_fingers - 7th Jan, 2009 00:53 (UTC) - Expand
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