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Dennis ♥ Minnie (but Gnasher didn't make it)

Dennis loves MinnieTo be honest, I've lost count of how behind I am with this week's strip, but here's Dennis ♥ Minnie, anyway, with apologies in advance to Americans and other people who never read The Beano as a kid and have therefore never heard of Dennis the Menace* or Minnie the Minx.

I wrote this last summer when the shops were full of stripy tops and black shorts and I saw not a few people walking around looking a lot how I always thought Minnie and Dennis might turn out, but didn't really hit the right romantic vibe to draw it up till I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Nice film; I also saw Van Helsing over the weekend, and that's a lot of fun, too. In a different way. I coloured in on paper rather than with the computer and paid the price in ugly compression, *sigh*. Compare the strip with the larger panel, right. EDIT Dennis in the bathroom.The smaller version is cruelly lossy. But that's how it goes.

*No, not the irritating blonde kid. This guy.
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