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10th May, 2004 19:55 (UTC)
11th May, 2004 02:27 (UTC)
Beautifully furry lady.
11th May, 2004 07:21 (UTC)
Hey Jrmy
Check out the latest Caption2004 email -- there's something from a woman from The Australian mag wanting info / a snaphot of you. You can use the above piccy as a book cover shot after all!
11th May, 2004 07:37 (UTC)
Re: Hey Jrmy
eeek! Er, I don't get them at work, hope it's ... wait, The Australian? Why, for goodness' sake?
11th May, 2004 07:52 (UTC)
Here you are
Dear Jeremy
I'm the Picture editor at the Australian magazine and also a freelance writer. I am researching for a story about female comics designers/writers. I talked to a few women at Supanova in Sydney yesterday and thought it would be good to make the article more global. I wonder if you could give me your thoughts on all or any of the following questions, and also is there a website where I could see your art work? And if you have a digital snapshot or cartoon of yourself?

Many thanks
Christine Westwood
- when did you first become interested in comics, what were your favourites and what was the appeal
- when did you first design your own comics, what are the themes in your work, and how would you describe your influences and style

- do you do your comics mainly for yourself or do you sell your work, and if so , where
- do you think females explore different themes/ have a different style to boys doing comics, and what would be your comments about the gender differences

- any other comments about girls in the comics business, eg any differences in different countries
11th May, 2004 08:14 (UTC)
Re: Here you are
could you give me her email address? I'm not heading home this evening, and I'd like to get this sorted out right away. They just upped the bandwidth on my website, after all -- might as well give it a workout!
(Deleted comment)
11th May, 2004 09:08 (UTC)
Re: Here you are
cheers, I'll delete it now for her privacy's sake!
12th May, 2004 01:58 (UTC)
Re: Here you are
Oops - that'll be that woman who was interviewing me about Australian & NZ female comic people. One of the questions was what comics I liked and I listed your website. I probably should've warned you.
12th May, 2004 02:04 (UTC)
Re: Here you are
Maybe ... but given she asked if I *had* a website, maybe not. No worries, anyway.
12th May, 2004 02:15 (UTC)
Re: Here you are
The letter (above) is pretty much identical to the one I received and responded to a week or so back.
11th May, 2004 14:41 (UTC)
mmmmm, to me
the photos look -oh so sixties - like you were waiting for the Beatles or Rolling Stones to appear...
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