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folding multiple days into one

Work Day: Disorganised life, filing and making to-do-lists, don't seem to be able to figure out how to schedule, is there a clever trick to it, planning, moving, remember you're doing fine you just need to do more, stop pulling your hair out, take that holiday, green tea for energy, smiling plastic, get your arrow style right, stylesheets, stupid web quizzes, sorting young people at risk of offending I wish I was better faster more confident, pull your hair out, exercise your hand, recycle, don't worry I'm only joking, keep your board clean contacts up to date keep moving, water bottle smelling of mould, plants growing out of their pots, windows updates grinding, grinding

Other day: new lines, twisted glass, phone-call about the thing you're doing in the middle of doing it does that just make you look even more disorganised? working in pubs cafes graveyards on the bus and in those five minutes of waiting, deadline membrane pushing outwards must finish finish finish before the moths eat everything I own, lines crowding pointless too untidy, too casual amateur nothings bathroom needs cleaning

Chore day: Can't de-junk because you never know what's junk, chuck my last primed board in time for Lily to ask me to do a mural, end up testing cut-price Liquitex on the back of a green chair (don't worry it'll test the opacity) how much paint will cover how much wall I don't know don't know anything about anything except where this or that line goes.

Birth day: Happy happy to damiancugley (for yesterday) have that old claymation Achilles I was telling swisstone about on Sunday, I found it looking out Orpheuses for squigglyruth, look! all the scenes we won't be seeing between Brad Pitt and Garrett Hedlund, not as hardcore as I said it was, but softer is better at breakfast-time, right? Have a lavishly illustrated F. Holland Day biography, have some shot glasses with mad cats on them, yes, I know you don't drink, but aren't they cute?

Yeah, and yeah, and yeah.

Yeah -- me into bed deliquesce into hell and awkward evasive comment.

Also: My boss thinks what the website needs is a stupid web quiz. Can it have cartoons, too?

EDIT: Advance evidence suggests that I may have been wrong about Troy. I suppose there may be spoilers behind that, if you count comments about Brad Pitt's (absense of) pants as spoilers.


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12th May, 2004 12:57 (UTC)
Stupid Quiz:
How Likely To Reoffend Are You?(!?!?!...ad infinitum)
12th May, 2004 14:19 (UTC)
Tasteless, Nadine, tasteless....
13th May, 2004 03:26 (UTC)
she jokes
but such things pretty much exist ...

Fortunately Young Offenders are out of my target group (they're typically not allowed internet access). Pretty sure you're in it, though ... heh heh.
14th May, 2004 01:58 (UTC)
And dontcha just love us?

I, obviously, transcend my demographic thingymajig, oh yes :D
12th May, 2004 15:36 (UTC)
I'd completely forgotten about the Barry Purves Achilles, thanks for reminding me. Screenplay and Next were also fantastic. Must try and figure out if I've got those on my animation tapes somewhere.
13th May, 2004 03:24 (UTC)
you have animation tapes?
oooooo. We should do some swaps or something ...
13th May, 2004 03:52 (UTC)
Re: you have animation tapes?
Basically just stuff taped off channel4 when they used to do animation rather than reality TV shows. My plan was to digitize it and put it onto CD at some point, but some cataloguing may be required first. I'll see what I can dig out.
13th May, 2004 04:12 (UTC)
Re: you have animation tapes?
... probably a lot of it's the same as what I have, but I never managed to get everything. Fourmations, Animated 4, The Shooting Gallery ...

Jeeze, what happened to Channel 4? It used to be great, I'm sure I remember that.
13th May, 2004 08:09 (UTC)
Re: you have animation tapes?
I think quite a bit of the stuff I have was from Dopesheet which was a bit later sort of a death rattle for channel 4 animation.
I'm not exactly sure when Channel4 stopped been good but by the time E4 had been invented it had definitely gone.
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