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picky picky midweek moment

big green riding hood, by Groc

What do you think? Would Big Green Riding Hood (above) prefer to be startled by an owl or a wolf?

Personally, I'm getting a bit bored of wolves.


19th May, 2004 05:39 (UTC)
I just went to put a picture in for the next lot, and it seems to have popped up in the wrong place. Did I do something wrong again?
19th May, 2004 08:13 (UTC)
oh my!
... I'm not sure how it is you sometimes do this -- some sort of browser caching problem, perhaps. I'll sic Damian on the problem this evening and get it sorted ...
20th May, 2004 02:17 (UTC)
... or not, as the case might be. Rest assured that you're not doing anything wrong although something is *going* wrong -- but unfortunately, it's not a simple fix. However, your panel is submitted for next week where it belongs, so unless it wins this week (you never know!) it should work out OK!
2nd Jun, 2004 05:46 (UTC)
Ooh, I think I broke picky picky again. Today's upload went to last week's set. Maybe it's trying to tell me something.