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picky picky midweek moment

big green riding hood, by Groc

What do you think? Would Big Green Riding Hood (above) prefer to be startled by an owl or a wolf?

Personally, I'm getting a bit bored of wolves.


19th May, 2004 08:51 (UTC)
Well possibly....
I had considered installing some kind of freeware uploading thingy, (yup, my knowledge on such things is scanty, surrounded by computers, no idea how they work, etc,) but I'm unsure about installing software at work, I don't think they mind freeware, but they might mind me uploading artwork to the net from work, even though it ain't their artwork, it's a bit cheeky-risky, and I'm cheeky enough here as it is without pushing my cheek even further!
19th May, 2004 09:39 (UTC)
you don't need to do that
You don't need to install anything at all to upload via a webform. Just name the file on the form and it scarfs a copy, just like that. I don't know the exact details so it's possible that this could be blocked by a firewall, I suppose, but I've not had any problems yet (through several different workplaces).