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I've not been doing well with tech. I did get a replacement mobile (apologies to anyone who was trying to call) but my computer access is set to be sporadic for a while and that's not just because I'm having a week off work, or that my work computer has moved beyond cranky and into unusable*.

Even as I write this, the fan in the back of Damian's Linux Box is making one of those Noises That Shouldn't Be, but his computer is much better off than Mr Wankey the Zombie NT Box which isn't really doing much of anything any more. Still, it's had a long life for something built from bits ...

All of which obviously needs fixing and hey! I have a week off work, right? Ah -- no, what I'm doing with this week is preparation for Bristol Comics Convention. Complicated by the International Festival of the Sea and football match which has sucked up all spare beds in the city. Shit!

Ideal moment to waste a few hours of my life watching Troy, or Tyler Durden, Warrior Princess (the thought may dull your pain while watching it). If you decide to watch it (it's eye candy) might be an idea to bring something to listen to, you won't miss the dialogue (except possibly the endleess repetition of Cousin) and the score is laugh-out-loud awful. Eric Bana does have nice thighs, but I miss Derek Jarman.

I also watched Bad Education, Almovodar's latest. Rather a hard watch for me; it's about boarding school, growing up and (not) changing, and cut a little close to the bone for comfort. But beautiful, of course, and great performances from both the leads.

I also caught Pillow Talk on Channel Tivo and was quite shocked by how racy it was. Can anyone tell me the last few lines? It was on BBC terrestrial, so I lost the last 30s or so.

* Fortunately coincided with me finding a nice IT support guy! Score!


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24th May, 2004 17:09 (UTC)
pillow talk? i missed pillow talk? darn it. is there a secret rock hudson season going on we haven't been told about? oh well, i've a tape of 'that touch of mink' i bought from a charity shop to watch still. and *all* the doris day & rock hudson films were really quite racy - didn't anyone tell you?
24th May, 2004 17:24 (UTC)
Haven't seen 'Troy' yet, but did see this miniseries on TV last night...

"Helen of Troy" ... surprisingly good production values, and has John Rhys-Davies! :-) Oh, and the occassional nude scenes and strong female characters (& portrayals) were assets. ;-)

Costumes were somewhat Romanesque ... which is amusing considering what the Romans thought of the Iliad.
24th May, 2004 23:45 (UTC)
Complicated by the International Festival of the Sea and football match which has sucked up all spare beds in the city. Shit!

Did you know Sofa of Teacake hasn't been claimed by anyone yet? ...that is if you don't mind being stuck out in Fishponds when all the action is in the city.

I wasn't sure what the Oxford contingent's arrangements were.
25th May, 2004 00:11 (UTC)
Don't know if any of us have actually made plans yet -- that's what the Tuesday pub night the week before is for (no we're not last-minuters at all! eek.).

I had been thinking about going to see if Teacake's sofa could be claimable but didn't because of uncertainty as to what the others were all doing; actually young Dan's brother lives in Bristol and has a spare sofa too, so that might end up being my plan. Plan? Cor. Indefiniteness is more like it.
25th May, 2004 00:48 (UTC)
Righto, well... in the interests of diplomacy and all that, could I leave it to your Tuesday pub night to sort it out?

I admire your spontaneous and carefree approach.

Looking forward to seeing you all (whoever 'all' turns out to be) at any rate....

Oh, and if anyone fancies a relatively spontaneous and carefree road trip in a couple of weeks time (neurotic, anally retentive and yet somehow chaotic Teacake style planning having commenced this week) let me know.
26th May, 2004 13:12 (UTC)
bags I the sofa of teacake!
... if the action in the city is footie fans and sailors, they can keep it.
26th May, 2004 13:14 (UTC)
Re: bags I the sofa of teacake!
Groovy - when do you plan to arrive?
26th May, 2004 13:18 (UTC)
Re: bags I the sofa of teacake!
Plan's to turn up on Saturday, only stay one night -- unless there's something massively exciting on on Friday? I've um not really looked up anything
26th May, 2004 13:27 (UTC)
Re: bags I the sofa of teacake!
Having looked at what's obviously on offer I won't be going to any awards ceremonies and that's all that's on on Friday -- unless you know of something else?
26th May, 2004 13:21 (UTC)
Re: bags I the sofa of teacake!
Oh and is there any space (floor fine) chez teacake for an extra crashee?
26th May, 2004 00:45 (UTC)
BTW - some low tech for you...
I thought you might be interested in this (as if you need an additionaly project...).
26th May, 2004 13:09 (UTC)
Re: BTW - some low tech for you...
Looking increasingly tempting. Computer has now graduated to making loud strange noises when I turn it on. I'm anticipating that the next stage will be smoke ...

I've made print blocks out of old magazines before; good for about 50 prints if you use a good, sticky ink.
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