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what I did on my week off

Shirty labour canvasser. Dead blackbird. Amateur artificial limbs. Illicit sand photograph. First toasted bee of the year. Light column. Polite green party canvasser. Geek closure (but I missed any bargains). Pasting up in Mortons (narrow seats). Experimental inkjet printing. Not much else.

Also; relieve tension with a Squeezy Prostate stress ball.


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3rd Jun, 2004 03:24 (UTC)
You also finished up some comics, which was very enjoyable. Remember; balance.
3rd Jun, 2004 03:55 (UTC)
I cannot believe Geek is closing. Has closed. Cheer me up--how are you intending on voting?
3rd Jun, 2004 04:20 (UTC)
some sort of hideous mangled compromise, I expect
Largely consisting of shades of green and orange.

I'm afraid that Mr Blair recently lost my vote. As in, he said something on the radio about "standing shoulder to shoulder" with America on this (they were talking about torture alleged Iraqui prisoner abuse at the time) and I said, "Right, that's it, I'm not voting labour this time."

Unfortunately, I find the need to vet every single green candidate individually for froth and bad science rather exhausting.

Hullo, lib dems!

... well, that didn't cheer *me* up. How about you?
3rd Jun, 2004 04:53 (UTC)
Me and my formidable nil votes are supporting Caroline Lucas for President, i mean MEP for the South East. It's gonna be a close one. As to the council, i would probably vote one Green and one Labour (i know the specfics of which, but since i doubt we're in the same wards i won't go on into irrelevance) on the other. If i can vote in the next General election i'll go for Lib Dem unless its close in which case i'll stick with Labour (what a battle-cry of solidarity!).
If you're in St Marys Ward i can vouch for Sid Phelps [Green](there should be an aphstophe in there but...) niceiosity. He likes to sing. Obviously a fundamental aspect of council business.

It cheered me up. I like considering how i would allocate my votes, mainly, i suspect, because they are mythical and therefore carry no weight. You did a good deed :D
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