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what I did on my weekend

Mutual upset with bus-driver. Scary football fans. Overcrowded trains. Bristol. Elegant badgers (and a Naked Johnny Depp). Talked printer woes, and more printer woes. Pete on t-shirts and in a leather jacket. Whore-talking with Sacha who had voodoo dolls! Failed to renew my fragile acquaintance with many, many people (off the top of my head, Garen, Hunt, Paul, Al, Tony). Saw Someone Else's inks over my pencils (and it was good). Failed to find (another) Paul, so much for that. Debra's new comic, small and pink and lovely and called Simple Love in Simple Times, aww. Iron dung-beetle. Catching up on the gossip from Terry (lovely American Girlfriend with big canvasses and customised Docs). Wow 24-hour comics from the Goodman Brothers! Pretty girls in drag with special sneers. That James Kochalka CD I'm lacking. Heat, airlessness. Lovely new Girly Comic with a pretty, pretty cover. Despairing toilets. Table hiding. Matchmakering, pointlessly. Beer. Brilliant monsters from Gavin (present) and Simon (absent). Food right now. Beating the streets of Bristol. Evening sun on the harbour. Swans that turned out to be buoys. Gathering inertia. Sinking sun. Jitters. Giving up and going home. Late trains. Scary football fans. Screeching hen party on the bus. Bed.

Also on a similar topic, I found via Bugpowder an old fansite for Brendan McCarthy, designer, artist and creator of the best 2000AD cover ever. Faster to say what isn't on there than what is; see Reboot designs, the original concept sketch for Zenith, the story behind Rogan Gosh and many other strange things.


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3rd Jun, 2004 07:01 (UTC)
Yay, Brendan McCarthy.
Who inked you?
3rd Jun, 2004 07:05 (UTC)
Andrew Richmond (Naked, Dusk, Up the Cherry River) -- the strip in question is Sindee Virtue for Naked.
3rd Jun, 2004 07:07 (UTC)
Aha. In bondage?
3rd Jun, 2004 07:15 (UTC)
in Hollywood. No bondage at all this episode. Some bluebirds, a gingham dress and, OK, a strip joint. Not everything I do is filth, you know. It's just the titles ...

He even inked my lettering! It looks strange but really good, like a new haircut -- familiar but at the same time not.
3rd Jun, 2004 09:51 (UTC)
Still, you could have been in the Wetherspoons near the Bristol con on Sunday and had to run from a fight started by footie fans, so overall not too bad.

(Me, Debra, Dan, the Rubinses, and a couple of others were in the Wetherspoons a bit before that but must have left before the atmosphere got heavy.)
3rd Jun, 2004 15:58 (UTC)
see, I said they were scary.

Hm (raises eyebrow). Friend of yours?
3rd Jun, 2004 15:39 (UTC)
Darn it, they haven't got anything on that one-page strip he drew for 2000 AD for a while - was it called "Sooner Or Later"? Or is that something else? That's my favourite & I wish someone would publish a collection...
3rd Jun, 2004 16:01 (UTC)
weren't there only about ten or so?
... it'd likely make a bit of a thin book. I've probably got the originals, you know ...
3rd Jun, 2004 16:12 (UTC)
mea culpa
3rd Jun, 2004 16:25 (UTC)
Re: mea culpa
Well, in that case they really need to sort it aaaaaaahhht.
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