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pictures of the band with too many es

But those who were there and those that weren't can see eeebleee play the Wheatsheaf friday last complete with weird instruments, nice shoes, and hippy-shake visuals courtesy of Klub Kakoffany*, all seen through shiny blurry beer-light-o-vision; look out for a pair of really nice shoes.

*I have no idea if I spelt that right.


8th Jun, 2004 02:55 (UTC)
... not so good ones of you, Kakofanney lighting tends to put the drummer in a big shadow ...

by the way

Do you know who it was who borrowed my camera? We were chatting for a bit about stage design (Little Shop of Horrors at Brookes) and stuff ... she might want to know her photo is online.
8th Jun, 2004 04:00 (UTC)
I'm resigned to being largely unphotographed from my position at the back of the stage.
That would be Hanna; artist, theatre person, drummer and general all round good egg, lives with jo eeebleee. I'll point her at it.