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Friday Pin-Up - Azkaban Dementor

What the heck is that?

A few days ago I mentioned that you can buy a lego Dementor. I didn't get one, but I did get one of these.

You can see the whole story of what happened when an Azkaban Dementor crash-landed in Jeremy's Room starting from here.


I voted with the tide again, it seems, though looking through the results this morning I felt a bit of a panicked shudder over the extremely close voting; just 17 votes prevented the Conservatives getting Headington Hill. The majority was rather broader in my ward, one of the nine Labour lost locally. Listening yet, Mr Blair?


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11th Jun, 2004 04:24 (UTC)
Saucy Dementor....
Chuckle, cheered me up, you twisted girl! :-)
11th Jun, 2004 05:34 (UTC)
Re: Saucy Dementor....
yup. I'm the twisted toy fairy, me. :D
11th Jun, 2004 07:23 (UTC)
I bet Blair will just emulate his number one political hero (Thatcher) and say something like 'oh, our message isn't getting through - no turning back - no turning back -nnnnooooo turning back (starts frothing at the mouth has to be carried away from the mike.)'.
11th Jun, 2004 08:55 (UTC)
that's a drepressing thought.
(Deleted comment)
11th Jun, 2004 09:00 (UTC)
I am being silly
11th Jun, 2004 09:02 (UTC)
Jeremy did this.
Jeremy rocks.
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