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sometimes I just want to give you all flowersA bit more than a week ago (give or take) many people seemed to need some cheering up. So for that week's strip I drew you some flowers...

I had every intention of sending them right away, I really did. But then, I thought, what is a flower without its colour? unfortunately, I'm back on the old computer, so colouring is question of making the stroke, then waiting for the colour to catch up with it. And when the old graphics tablet was made, ergonomics had not yet sensitised the pad or thickened the pen.

But they got here in the end. Pretend they came by camel, or courier pigeon.

Best wishes,


P.S. Please feel free to give them to anyone you think needs some flowers.


17th Jun, 2004 14:21 (UTC)
I know,
I always compliement your strips, which diminishes (in my opinion) what i say. But i do mean it, else i wouldn't say it.
18th Jun, 2004 03:48 (UTC)
complie-ment ?
You have a way with making words ... tahnkyou, anyway
18th Jun, 2004 05:22 (UTC)
Oh shush
I'm on holiday. Kind of. Anyway, aren't you supposed to be acrediting young people?
18th Jun, 2004 06:00 (UTC)
Re: Oh shush
She won't be accrediting you for spelling though! Ho ho ho...
18th Jun, 2004 08:03 (UTC)
I could accredit her for online communication skills, though.

(rubs hands)

my targets are looking healthier already!

18th Jun, 2004 08:28 (UTC)
Re: perhaps
Can she do the washing up properly? I bet she can! I bet she has a few friends who can too!
19th Jun, 2004 02:04 (UTC)
She washes up charmingly for £7 an hour, anyway and since i'm the only one here acredited for online communication skills, i think i win. :D