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sometimes I just want to give you all flowersA bit more than a week ago (give or take) many people seemed to need some cheering up. So for that week's strip I drew you some flowers...

I had every intention of sending them right away, I really did. But then, I thought, what is a flower without its colour? unfortunately, I'm back on the old computer, so colouring is question of making the stroke, then waiting for the colour to catch up with it. And when the old graphics tablet was made, ergonomics had not yet sensitised the pad or thickened the pen.

But they got here in the end. Pretend they came by camel, or courier pigeon.

Best wishes,


P.S. Please feel free to give them to anyone you think needs some flowers.


19th Jun, 2004 15:25 (UTC)
something to go with the graphics pad, ma'am?

it's a free bet at the moment - it may not work to well on old slow machines - but as it's ...free! - then it's worth grabbing & archiving the intaller, if you have the bandwith to spare.
there are hoops to go through - like having a hotmail acc tho - which is a bit poo, but lukily i had an old one to reactivate.

i did do some flower drawing in the blooms of spring - when they became hard to ignore... maybe i post one of those up sometime... maybe not... maybe put it in a wee book.