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things I care about but you may not

Music downloading -- did you know that you can download + donate to Oxfam on Big Noise Music?

Hats -- Where did you get that hat?

Stupid movies -- Outrunning a wall of rushing water just looks stupid. And it is! Humans can't even outrun a duck, though they may have a chance against lava, if they're fit and the lava isn't moving too quickly.

Local news -- I got up this morning to find the headline "Not a Gay Day for Pub Landlord" staring up at me from the doormat. Apparently the Landlord of The Kite on Mill Street (where?) is very upset at having been accidentally listed as gay by Itchy guides. "I have spent a lot of time rebuilding the pub's reputation as a backstreet community pub and this has set me back." he says, "When the Kite was a gay pub I gather there were guys kissing each other in the toilets. It put people off and is not the sort of atmosphere I want." What was that? Did you say you wanted a kiss-in in your pub at the earliest possible opportunity? Full story.

What kind of disease are you?


cleanskies is caused by alien mind control rays.

cleanskies compels infectee to keep Bjork playing at all times, out of fear of 'head splodey.'
cleanskies can only be cured by quitting your job and becoming a canadian elvis impersonator.

That's not a disease, that's a vocation!


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18th Jun, 2004 09:34 (UTC)
this is just TOO wrong!
What kind of disease are you?


marstokyo is caused by sponges.

marstokyo disease will make you be a preppy bastard.
The cure for marstokyo is to act like you're in a bad action film starring Mel Gibson.
18th Jun, 2004 10:01 (UTC)
Mein gott!
I'll trade you for those elvis impersonators - that has to be better! ;-)

What kind of disease are you?


applez is caused by Satan.

applez disease will make you be a preppy bastard.
applez is curable by singing Michal Jackson songs at the top of your lungs, forever. You can never speak again, or you will die.
18th Jun, 2004 10:15 (UTC)
Re: Mein gott!
yes, I'm caused by Satan too. But then, we knew that already.
18th Jun, 2004 10:54 (UTC)
Now I See...
What kind of disease are you?


crazycrone is caused by monkeys.

crazycrone: compels those infected to call everyone and everything 'Bubba.'
To cure crazycrone, act like a muppet.

That's why monkeys have always creeped me out!
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