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... although he ended up looking rather, ah, endomorphic. Turned out that Moby's Everything is Wrong is the perfect music for weaving miniature wicker-men to, who knew? ... I hereby decree that in April, in lightly wooded areas, Moby shall be played to encourage the birdies in the building of their nesties.

This message was brought to you by Paddy's Punch.


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22nd Jun, 2004 05:27 (UTC)
I shall look forward to discovering what magickal changes your rituals have wrought...

22nd Jun, 2004 09:51 (UTC)
so far
they've left a damp path on the patio.

There seems to be a spare k in that magic, there.
22nd Jun, 2004 09:52 (UTC)
patch. Damp patch.
22nd Jun, 2004 08:11 (UTC)
now if you'd have been listening to "My life with Jesus" by Geez'n'Gosh...
in a similar vein to Moby's blues with beats i discovered this ceedee by that Atom Heart fellow which is so avant-funky and glitchy and dangerously wrong-sounding your wicker man would've ended out an incredible hulk mutant with hydra heads and in double quick time too. apparently, young people listen to this kind of music *pulls a worried grimace*
22nd Jun, 2004 09:49 (UTC)
I'm a little anxious
that I might have picked up a Pavlovian response, you know, "Whenever I hear Moby, I start basketweaving."
22nd Jun, 2004 14:07 (UTC)
Pretty cool result
Especially if it can be applied globally...one could obtain world peace with enough amps, CDs, and raw wicker... ;-)
23rd Jun, 2004 07:18 (UTC)
Re: Pretty cool result
I think that's what moby was trying to do, though probably not the way he was trying to do it.
22nd Jun, 2004 11:27 (UTC)
Moby: Everything is Wrong
Yes, a CD I liked to listen to at work - can get much done.

However, it is also a CD one shouldn't listen to if one's loved one is departing for a long stay away...
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